Do Muslims openly incite and entice followers to genocide?

Asked by: DavidMGold
  • They give that impression.

    If a person looks at the past actions of violence committed in the name of religion, Islam stands out. People should care what 1.6 billion Muslim believe, because one believer can have sufficient intellectual and material resources to build a nuclear bomb and still believe that he will get seventy-two virgins in Paradise. What westerners fail to understand is, what is like to really believe in god.

  • Unabashedly and without widespread condemnation..

    On July 29, 2014 an Islamic cleric in Italy named Sheik Abd Al-Barr Al-Rawdhi gave a sermon at the Al-Rahma Mosque in San Dona di Piave gave a sermon declaring to his followers that the Jews should be "killed to the very last one."

    On July 18, 2014 an Islamic cleric in Qatar named Sheik Tareq Al-Hawwas in a Friday sermon broadcast on Qatar TV declared, "Allah, kill the Jews, freeze the blood in their veins."

    On July 18, 2014 an Islamic cleric named Sheik Abu Bilal Ismail gave a Friday sermon at the Al-Nur Mosque in Berlin gave a prayer calling for the annihilation of Jews.

    These are a few of many examples of Islamic clerics and imams explicitly inciting genocide against the Jews and without condemnation they spew the most violent and hateful rhetoric that exceeds that of the Third Reich and even in Western countries. The world is silent for calls for a second Holocaust by Islamists (note: didn't qualify it with radical or extremist) around the world.

  • Does it matter what we think.

    We are infidels, and sharia is coming. Believe me, most of you will get religious when any Muslim gets enough power to ask you one question, are you going to convert or die? Sharia is coming to a country near you... We will lose freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion. Sharia will allow only one religion.

  • Yes, however religion is the problem not Muslims in particular.

    Yes there are some Muslim extremists who call for violence. But also keep in mind that this religion is the most practiced religion in the world. So it would be likely that more practicing Muslims would be extremists compared to other religions. However, there are other religions in which extremist use their religion for evil practices. The KKK uses Christianity to justify their actions. Europeans used it during the crusades. Religion is the problem! One could twist any believe and sucker anyone to do their bidding through the use of religion. Education in morality and separation from religion is the answer.

  • Who wrote this? You are so stupid, and rascist. Muslims are good people who do not entice followers to genocide.

    Ever since 9/11 Muslims have been the target for racism and stereotypes. The muslim population of the US and other places, had been deemed as terrorists because they follow the religion of Islam. IF ANYONE HAS READ THE QURAN, they would know that the religion of Islam is a peaceful one. The people who carry out haneouis acts are not muslim. They say they are muslim, but carry no ideals of Islam. These people are extremists, saying they represent Allah, but they are idiots. They don't know the true meaning of Islam. There are people like the person, you mention, who are bad people. Just because some people say stuff, like this. We shouldn't aim our hate towards an entire religion. DavidMGold, stop being racist.

  • "Muslims" don't do anything.

    You are implying a religion as though it described one population of people who are all similar. Does Shaq incite violence in Muslims? He's a practicing Muslim, and of course he doesn't. The man is barely able to incite a paycheck these days, let alone a suicide bomber.

    "Muslims" are not a group of arabic people who do bad things anymore than "Christians" are Jesus-obsessed homophobes. You are judging millions of people from all over the planet by the piss poor behavior of a few. That's like hating Mother Teresa because Westboro Baptist Church. It's absurd and logic-less.

    Only 22% of the world's population of Muslim people live in the middle east. That's less than a quarter of the population, and it assumes that all Arabic Muslims are somehow inherently wrong. Again, judging a whole population but this time based on arbitrary location. If I stand next to a gay man in a gay club, it neither makes me gay, nor a man. More flawed logic.

    Bad people incite DESPERATE people to commit acts of violence, from a moody teenage suicide bomber who doesn't know what he's doing to an angry middle aged woman who has decided to hate homosexuals cause her husband won't f*** her. Bad comes from bad, not from a religion, not from an ethnicity, and certainly not from specific locations on a map.

  • Of Course Not

    When a self-proclaimed-Christian threatens teenage girls trying to seek help at a Planned Parenthood, blows up and abortion clinic, or shoots doctors that perform abortions, few would,think of blaming all Christians. Yet, many Christians see nothing wrong with blaming the actions of a small percentage of the Muslim population on all who follow the Islamic doctrine. Unfortunately, the loudest critics on the beliefs and customs of others are usually the most ignorant on the subject they claim to hate so much. Muslims are like Christians, Buddhists, or Agnostics. They laugh, cry, fall in love, argue, have dreams and aspirations. Incredibly, those dreams and aspirations, for the majority of Muslims, do not include genocides or blowing themselves and other up. What a concept...

  • Yes and No..

    Being a Muslim and having very religious parents. I am not very religious, so im not being biased in any way. This can go both ways. Yes some do lead followers towards genocide, but these are the individuals who misinterprete the Quran. They do not fully understand the meaning behind what they are reading. The Quran says to treat ALL religions with respect, and explain to them politely what islam is about and why it is the right religion, dont force islam upon people. From what my parents have taught me is; if a person does not convert to islam and the person has tried his best to convert and denies. Then only Allah (god) can guide him or her.

    Most of these extremist who give of the wrong image of islam, read that Islam has to be the dominant religious and no other can exist. That is completely wrong. Islam is very spiritual, and geared towards helping and caring about others. Helping the less fortunate, guiding people to do the right thing, staying away from things that can harm a person. What people see on T.V and what TRUE Muslims are like, its like apples and oranges.

    So saying Muslims as a whole entice genocide is not accurate at all. That is not what the religion is about. Its a few bad seeds that ruin the whole image. Yes the description in the quran can be very extreme at times and thats what the media likes to show.

  • There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. If they were all like that America wouldn't exist.

    There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Just because 20 of them do something wrong it doesn't mean all 1.6 billion Muslims are bad. So because a muslim in Saudi Arabia that i don't even know exists does something that means that I'm in the wrong? Most of us have no connections with any terrorists what so ever. We should be judged as individuals. Some Muslims supper genocide and most other Muslims condemn it. What about yochonan gordon a new from NYC who wrote an article called "when genocide is permissible" calling for genocide of the Gazans?

  • I Really Dislike People Stereotyping Muslims

    I can't believe a poll like this exists. This is saying that every Muslim is an evil zealot hoping to create more evil zealots. Islam isn't about killing all infidels. I really must read the Qur'an at some time, but based on my current knowledge, Islam is not fully comprised of zealots, and is not extremist at its core. Also, be aware of bias in the media. Not even all Islamic militants in the news are extremists. They, the news company owner, don't care if there are lying about extremism as long as they are still kissing up as much as possible to the corrupt U.S. government.

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