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  • Yes, I think naps increase productivity.

    I think if used correctly naps can greatly improve productivity. I think that if you are tired you are going to work slower and less accurately compared to when you are wide awake and alert, I think the time you lose taking a nap can be made up when you are more efficient.

  • Naps do help productivity.

    Short naps during the day, have been proven to increase productivity. Naps allow people to make up for sleep deprivation, long commutes, and long work hours. Studies done by NASA have also proven that naps are effective. As a result people are more alert and active throughout the day. In some Asian companies, naps are a requirement.

  • A resounding 100 percent Yes!!

    Nothing like taking a nap then waking up and getting right to work. You are refreshed and think better. Your attitude and motivational levels are much better than they were before you took a nap. In fact, this question that was posed, makes me want to go take a nap right now. I still have some more work but will in the next couple of hours.

  • Yes, they do

    I just took one myself, about two minutes ago. I am ready and willing to go, I couldn't possibly function without them. They are not for everyone,but if I take a nap. I can function far better later in the day than before. If I don't nap after a long day, things get rough.

  • Naps help increase productivity.

    Naps help increase productivity. I think naps help increase production and keeps us from getting tired later in the day. They have proved that short sleep such as naps is better for us then an eight hour sleep. This would help everybody that feels like they have no energy during the day.

  • No naps no problem

    You could easily go a day without a nap and get good grades. If you get the average amount of hours you are supposed to, you should be perfectly fine through the day. I am pretty sure that naps don't help you. Sure you may wine in the morning but you are going to make it through the day.

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