Do National Security Letters Give Excessive Surveillance Power to the Government?

  • The government has too much power

    The US government has been given too much power over our lives, and this clearly shows in their invasions of our privacy, and this has been enabled again and again by various laws and regulations that have been bended to favor this sort of activity. It's time we take a stand and demand they stop this.

  • National Security Letters Give Excessive Surveillance Power

    National security letters do give excessive surveillance power to the government. If there is really something they are concerned about, why can't the government get a court order? Before the Patriot Act was passed, a National Security Letter could only be used when there was suspicion of someone doing something wrong. Now, the government can use National Security Letters even if they know someone is innocent.

  • How would NSL's give too much power to the government?

    National Security letters are simply giving the government power to ask information without getting information. The government needs a warrant, but it is important that the government can get information secretly without much social media. NSL's only affect the guilty. The innocent can just brush it aside. NSL's Do not give power to the government.

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