• Standard Education Wanted

    Standards are in themselves an attribute especially in something as important as national education applications. Students have only to benefit from a programmed standard of education that is used nationally to guarantee that any student transferring from one school to another, whether within the state or across country, will be studying at the same level of excellent education. There should be no difference in the quality or content of education from one school to another. High standards should be required nationally; anything that is less, should be unacceptable.

  • National Standards improve education

    It is my opinion that national standards improve education because they provide the motivation for teachers to make their students improve. By setting a national standard, teachers across the entire nation can have a scale to which their efforts can be measured. A national standard allows progress to be measured more accurately.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe national standards do improve education. A child should be able to receive the same standard of education regardless of where they live in this country. Everyone has the right to receive an equal education and this can not be done without a national standard. If a plan is created correctly then its implementation should be successful. This isn't the case with the Common Core, but it could be.

  • No child left behind has not worked.

    No, national standards do not improve education, because the students struggle to keep up. There is not one system of education that fits for all children in all regions all over the country. No child left behind has been a failure, because it leaves children behind in an effort to not leave them behind.

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