• I Think They Could

    I believe nationwide education curriculum's can work if everyone actually supports them rather than trying to fight them after their implementation. I believe it is important for students across the nation to receive the same quality of education regardless of where they attend school. The only way to do this is to implement nationwide education curriculum's.

  • Yes, I believe Nationwide education cirrculums work.

    I believe that having Nationwide standards and cirriculums are generally a good thing, having the quality of education be the same across the Nation greatly increases the quality overall instead of it being uneven with high and low performing areas. I believe that schools should have flexibility on what they teach exactly while sticking to the broad guidelines set out for them.

  • Different Regions need different things

    A child growing up in poverty will, most likely, not start school with a similar level of intelligence as a child who grew up in a richer neighborhood. This is simply because they will have access to a better environment to grow up. A nationwide standard completely disregards the cultural and economic factors that both lay into intelligence.

  • No, there are too many differences between areas

    There are great amounts of differences between levels of education, quality of schools, and the socioeconomic status of students that its virtually impossible to standardize education curriculums across the country. While we should have some sort of national standard, all students and all schools are not the same, and curriculums should not be either.

  • Everyone is different

    I do not believe that there should be a nationwide curriculum due to the fact that there are many different parts of this country. There are certain areas that may need more of one subject then another to get a job in their part of the country or for the test they need to take to get into college. I believe that there should be minimum requirements that should be met but nothing more than that.

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