Do Native American tribes have a better sense of respect and reverence for their home country than do greedy and self-indulging Americans?

  • Depends on which Americans

    On Scots, Danes and Swedes, yes I agree. But not Italians, Germans, English, Asians. Those people are not the ones who committed atrocities and those people are not orthodox bigots either. It's mostly the Danes, Swedes and Lowland Scots who I believe you're talking about. Those guys are some of the most arrogant douchebags on the planet.

  • Yes.Native Americans have a better sense of respect for their home country.

    Yes,Native Americans have a better sense of respect for their country than white Americans.Native Americans have depended on the earth and its gifts for thousands of years.White Americans have only been in America for a few hundred years so they tend not to realize how fortunate they are to have the earth's bounty to live off of.

  • Native Americans - More Respect For This Home

    In my opinion, it is Native Americans who tend to have more respect towards America. Even back in 1492, the Native Americans were living here in America. After we colonized them and took over, they were raped and murdered. Due to the popular holiday "Thanksgiving", it is a common misconception that they agreed with the new Americans. However, their land was stolen from them.

  • No, Native Americans do not have a better sense of respect.

    I do not believe that Native Americans have a better sense of respect for their home country than other Americans. I think that if anything, Native Americans are just as greedy as other Americans because of their interest in opening casinos. I think that it varies from person to person.

  • Americans aren't greedy and self-indulging generally

    Native Americans are stereotypical a reverential lot. I don't know any, so I can't say whether this is true or not. I do know many Americans who aren't Native-Americans and I can say that this group isn't characteristically greedy and self-indulging. The question is loaded and not based in reality. There are so many Americans who respect and have reverence for this country.

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