Do Native Americans living on reservations need easier Internet access?

  • Native Americans living on reservations do need easier internet access.

    Native Americans living on reservations absolutely should have the same access to Internet that the rest of the country is enjoying. Simply because of the fact that they are living on reservations does not mean that they should not be allowed to access the same up-to-date technology as the rest of the country. We have already taken so much from them in the past, the very least we can do is ensure that they are fully modernize, to the extent that they wish to be.

  • They Need More Than That

    The conditions on some reservations in the United States are dire. Internet access wouldn't mean much to these people when they can barely feed themselves. Internet access is now important to most people of the world or it at least provides a resource that wasn't there before. I think all people in America should have equal access to the Internet regardless of rather or not it's a reservation or not.

  • Native American reservations need better Internet

    For many Native Americans living on certain reservations in this country it can be extremely difficult to access the Internet. Easy access to the Internet is imperative for education, business, and life in general. It is the responsibility of U.S. Government, the FCC, to incentivize the creation of much-needed cable infrastructure on Native lands.

  • Yes, I believe they do.

    I think that the Internet should be treated as a utility and every effort should be made to get them access. There are schools and families on reservations that need the access to help teach their children. I can't imagine being cut off from the world in that manner. After all we've done to them the least we can do is offer internet access.

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