• Native Americans are not living in a different age now

    The US Government has neglected and abused the indigenous peoples of America since colonization. That being said, most tribes in the US are not living if it were 1890. While of course it would be beneficial for Native Americans to have some access to current technology, that is an issue of poverty. The US Government should help its poor -- and Native populations.

  • No, Native Americans do not need to come into the digital age

    No, Native Americans do not need to come into the digital age. Every group of people in the world has the right to choose the way in which the live their own lives, so it is not necessary for Native Americans to embrace the digital age in the same way as other ethnic groups if they choose not to.

  • Who really cares

    No one needs all the technology we have. Yea it's nice and we love it, but the less people using electronics the better. Our "digital age" is destroying the earth. We only have one home and we are just trashing it. If they are happy with their lifestyle, leave them be.

  • Native Americans digital age

    I do not think that Native American need to come into the digital age. I admire people who do not need to rely on technology on a day to day basis and want to live a quieter simpler closer to nature type of life. It is more natural. So some of us could learn from them.

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