Do natives hate the Spanish like they do the Brits and Danish (by Greenland Inuits)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The Christian Crusade

    Have we forgotten that it was the spanish who began the massive land grab. The spanish inquisition! Stealing Land and Massive Genocide or Jim Crow? That should be the question. People from Europe have stolen the indigineous peoples land then ask the question who is hated more? This question is absurd.

  • People are ignorant of cultures

    The Spanish and Native Americans get along very well. There is no beef amongst the two. There is racism in South America (unfortunately towards blacks), but (1) it's nothing like Jim Crow America, which was way worse, and (2) the Natives were never mistreated by the Spanish at all. Mistreatment was something Great Britain and Denmark did to their colonies in the Americas (North American cotinent and Greenland respectively).

  • Greenland's natives are not Inuit.

    The Inuits did not live on Greenland before the Norse, who found the land unoccupied.

    Denmark has not mistreated the natives of Greenland. Aside from a single social services error in the 1950's, there has not been a single example of oppression on the part of the Danes toward the residents of Greenland.

    The Inuits are not natives of Greenland. The natives of Greenland are the Norse settlers who found the coast uninhabited.

    These settlers were later joined by migrating Dorset peoples from Canada.

    The Dorset and Norse people intermarried during the little Ice Age to form the Thule peoples.

    The Inuits did not arrive until centuries later.


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