Do naturally blonde haired people have it easier than naturally black haired people?

Asked by: Alistad09
  • Yes, as it should be.

    This debate has been ongoing for centuries, even legendary theorist Charles Darwin pursued the life long question of blondes vs. Brunettes. Letters uncovered as part of Darwin’s correspondence have revealed that the great Victorian naturalist devoted part of his time to examining whether hair color affects a woman’s ability to find a mate. That aside, the WHAT A LOT OF PEOPLE FAIL TO REALIZE is that scientists have proven that blonde hair and blue eyes are caused by a recessive gene (a flaw in the DNA). But people are so use to seeing many people with the blonde hair and blue eyes and so they think it is normal to have these colors. This is something that many doctors already know about. The blue eyes happen because it is due to not enough oxygen getting to the baby(womb). I read once that the state of Utah has more blondes and blue eye people than any other part of the United states. At one time in history, blonde hair was very rare. It was so rare that at one time Adolf Hitler had a lot of people in his army that were blonde and blue eyed. To him this was the ultimate human being. But Adolf did not know what scientists now know today.

  • Blonde hair vs. Black

    You'd be surprised at how ethnicity and race play into these factors. A naturally blacked haired person, and where their life takes them, vs. A blonde haired person and where their life takes them. I'm not talking about dying your hair a certain color, I'm talking genetically the original color.

  • This is an unfair generalization.

    To generalize life as easier with blonde hair than black hair is ignorant. While blonde hair-ed people may have it easier as a whole (which I doubt, too), to say that they all do is completely untrue. I believe that other factors, like location, education, parental guidance, etc determine how easy your life is a lot more than hair color, thusly all blonde hair people do not have it easier than all black-haired people.

  • Grass Is Just Greener On The Other Side

    I am a naturally blond haired person. My hair is blond, but I do not feel like I have had life any better or easier than anyone else. I am currently unemployed, working at home, and paying my bills on less than $200 USD a week. I am severely in debt and I wish my hair color could get me out of it, but thus far that has not been the case.

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