• Neocons help the country.

    Neoconservative policies tend to increase a nation's strength. This is because conservatives are in tune with defense, tightened budgets, and especially family moralisty. Family morality is an issue that only neocons are stressing. If it weren't for them our country would not have any representatives encouraging and speaking for two-parent families. These families keep a nation strong.

  • If increasing military is a strength

    "Strength" can be a broad term. The Neo's are very easy to identify the goals. Attack the bad guys with military, and get more oil from it. It's a double win. But is there a "loss" from it? Well, guess what, there is. The loss is that we lose some diplomacy in the world.

  • not at all

    No, these types of policies have been shown to not help when you are trying to take a nation and increase its strength. The best ways are not these, but the ways that we are using today in the US, since we are the strongest country in the world today.

  • They manipulate the people.

    No, neoconservative policies do not tend to increase a nation's strength, because neoconservativism is the beginning of totalitarianism. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney proved that the neoconservatives want every bit to control the people just as much as the liberals do. They just want them to do and believe different things.

  • No, they do not

    I lived under a neoconservative government, George W. Bush and his administration, for eight years. What the neocons do is drive up a bloated military budget and try to be policement of the world in a more draconian manner. They like to use force, even when force is not necessary.

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