• Yes, neoconservative stances accord with the Tea Party.

    I believe that neoconservative stances accord with the Tea Party ideology. While there are a lot of differences in some of the ideals and beliefs, for the most part a lot of their stances are the same. That is why I think a lot of neoconservatives suppor the Tea Party.

  • Neoconservative stances accord with Tea Party ideolgoy.

    Neoconservative stances accord with Tea Party ideology. The Tea Party is a conservative party which seeks to limit government power and control over the public. The Tea Party is considered to be in support of personal freedom and personal liberty. Neoconservative stances are interested in the same agenda, increasing personal freedom of personal liberty.

  • There Are Similarities

    I believe there are many similarities between neoconservative stances and the Tea Party stances but they are not directly connected. It really isn't too surprising that they agree on some key facts given that both are conservative in nature, but they shouldn't be lumped into one large group. The Tea Party is really just a small sub-set attached to the Republican Party. There are many more neoconservatives in the Republican Party.

  • They are opposites.

    No, neoconservative stances do not accord with Tea Party ideology, because the two are actually opposed to each other. The neoconservatives, much like the democrats, believe in controlling everyone for the greater good. The neocons also like wars, and big government. These are the exact opposite of the things the Tea Party stands for.

  • Tea Party at Odds With Other Conservative Groups

    Neoconservatives and the Tea Party are both conservative in the most general sense of the term. However, Neoconservatives tend to be agreeable to the prospect of "big government" if it used to promote an agressive foreign policy, such as military intervention, and also social policy. The Tea Party view tends to view any government action as suspect, regardless of its role in the political arena.

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