Do new cyberstalking laws work to protect teens and children from cyberbullies?

  • Yes, they may help.

    Any recognition that cyberstalking is a crime is a step in the right direction because those who do it can be threatened with prosecution as criminals. That is not going to stop the activity, because it does not stop a lot of crimes, but it certainly can help to deter some potential stalkers.

  • Yes they do help

    New cyberstalking laws to help to protect teens and children from cyber bullies because it gets the issue out there to more people and has harsher penalties with it. With that said there is still a lot more that needs to be done. The problem of cyber bullies is not nearly taken care of yet.

  • Yes but not enough

    The new cyberstalking laws are good and should be in place, however there is still more needed. The laws are a good first step in protecting teens from bullies but it is still going to happen. I'm not saying I know the solution but I do know more is needed.

  • No it doesn't.

    I do not think that the new cyberstalking laws work to protect teens and children from cyberbullies. I think that most times the laws are not enforced enough. The person being bullied usually has to kill themselves before anyone will take notice and do something about the bullying. By then it is too late.

  • New cyberstalking laws do not work to protect teens and children from cyberbullies.

    It is too difficult to protect kids from online bullies. The Internet is fundamentally anonymous, and there are too many impediments to finding and prosecuting bullies who strike online. Rather, teens should be aware of the dangers and protect themselves by refusing to communicate with potential bullies. This is the best way to stay safe.

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