• Yes I heard it from my child's mouth

    My son was sitting at the counter with us one day, for some reason I had a map out on the kitchen counter. I was having a conversation with my mother and my son Paul out f the blue says, " This is where I died". My mom says what do you men died? He says I died here, I was shot here. My son was 3 then, he is 24 now and as he got older he forgot . Not what he said because we mentioned it to him again but , Where it happened he doesn't remember.

  • Yes I can prove it

    My niece is 2, and remembers that her older brother hit her with a baseball bat when she was only 18 months. If you don't think so, it might be no they don't, or my niece has a good memory. Because I wouldn't remember that. So yes they do i think!

  • No, newborn babies do not remember past lives.

    Newborn babies do not remember their past lives. This is because they have not had a past life. The whole idea of reincarnation is foolish. Nobody lives multiple lives. A newborn child cannot remember things that have never happened to them. Adults don't even have memories of their infant stage.

  • Babies Don't Remember Past Life

    Past lives are a debatable thing, so there's no way newborns remember their past lives. Plus, newborns barely remember things before they turn two or three years old at the earliest. Memories don't really start forming at birth in a traditional sense. Very few people remember anything from this point in their lives.

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