Do NFL referees consistently make horrible calls?

  • The referees love fresh dickies

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  • Not only that but consistently makes horrible no-calls as well

    I have been watching NFL games since I was 12 years old. Lately, the NFL officials calls have been worse. It is beginning to appear that the NFL is choosing the winners they want to see win games based on the merchandise purchased by fans of large market teams. But it is not just bad calls, it is also bad no-calls as well. Whenever an official is staring at a foul, and it is not called, that no-call also effects the game.

  • Take it easy

    They try their best and all they get is hate. Just because your team sucks doesn't mean that have to blame your team sucking on the ref. Sorry the truth hurts and your team losing hurts. So just remember the ref isn't responsible for your team losing to your rival.

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