• Yes, being aggressive works.

    Yes, nice guys finish last, because people often disregard their wishes. The saying is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The same is true with guys. The person who clamors the loudest for something is often the one that gets it. This is true even if they are annoying or not as competent as someone else.

  • Nice guys finish last.

    Unfortunately, people who act nice all the time are usually taken advantage of. It is necessary to be selfish and ruthless sometimes. We are biological creatures, and our lives are governed by the idea of survival of the fittest. The strongest get ahead in life at the expense of the weak.

  • So, is it okay to be mistreated?

    When you are with a bad-boy or a not so nice guy is the relationship really intended to be long-term? Or, is it intended to be a short-term fling to feel a little bit better about yourself? I am a straight guy, and I was searching up the whole "Nice Guys Finish Last" thing and quite frankly all that I hear is that the saying is true. One site specifically stated around 15 reasons as to why a nice guy will always finish last so, I will speak about each of the 15 items and disprove them, this in doing so will compile an appealing case for the "nice" guy. Oh and the articles link is here: . The first one is about how a nice guy does not respect themselves. I feel that this is wrong and improper, for it is just a statement that is constructed on an assumption. Just because somebody may make fun of themselves it does not mean that they have no self-respect. Number two---you know what I will not do this for all of the 15 statements. Just read the article I shared with the link above and think about how absurd each of the statements are. I do not know what experience the writer has observed or gone through, but I think probably one or two of those characteristics used to describe a "nice" guy can also be used to for all of us, male, female, black, white, religious, atheist, or more specifically in relation to this argument a "bad" boy. Well, when I was reading around I saw many weird and illogical articles that assumed many things and did not use anything other than inflated opinions.

  • How can nice guys finish last?

    Nice guys are the trees with all their flowers bloomed bad guys have no flowers because they’re DEAD and the poor gardener has false hope to water these dead flowers in hope that they will grow, but in the end the nice guy is growing and eventually the bad guy will get ripped out of the ground because the gardener realizes that he is never going to become that beautifully blossomed nice guy. ‘Nice guys finish last’ how could anyone possibly agree with this adage? I mean how could a NICE guy possibly finish last? I guess to fully grasp this topic we must first know what a nice guy or a bad guy is. When people think of a nice guy they generally think of someone who is: intelligent, under appreciated, docile, respectful, trustworthy, innocent and rare may just be a few that come to mind, but what is the true definition of a nice guy.

    A nice guy is an informal term for a teenage or adult male who is gentle, compassionate, and sensitive.

    Whereas a bad guy is an unpleasant person or someone who is unwelcome. Even the definition states that this bad person is not wanted.

    In no situation does a nice guy finish last, I mean seriously: In careers a nice guy will get hired over a bad guy, in social situations people prefer nice guys as their friend, in living arrangements nice guys earn respect. Could you imagine what would happen if you acted in an unacceptable manner in your parent’s house, you would not be tolerated. The list can go on and in every situation the nice guy wins. 

    You might be thinking of this wrong, there’s a difference between nice guys and pathetic guys. Pathetic guys are the ones who follow girls around, get used, those guys that don’t know when to stop. A nice guy, a genuine nice guy and not those fake nice guys. A genuine nice guy thinks about his actions before pursuing them, this guy knows when to hold on and to let go, he has it all figured out.

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