• I know this is very unconventional but yes they should have rights.

    Animals feel and think and thats what makes it wrong to keep them in little cages and sell them to people as property they can pretty much do whatever they want with. There are some laws to prevent animal cruelty but they arent sufficient. Animals cant tell anybody they are being abused. Animals cant call the cops. So not anybody should be able to own them as we know a certain amount of them are going to live miserable lives if not all of some species. A lot of animals are kept in tiny cages and aquariums. What if an alien race that was superior to us came and locked us up and bread us like we do animals and basically took every freedom we have away. Would that be ok just because they are superior to us. No it wouldnt be ok. So how can it be ok to do that to animals. Its wrong to cause someone to suffer no matter what species they are. Dont be so confident with your justification for locking up animals and giving them to children who will starve them to death or kill them. Slave owners didnt think they were in the wrong. There was a time when slavery was socially acceptable and just as many people owned slaves as we do animals. At one time everybody only had empathy and morals that extended to people of their own race. Now days a lot of us have empathy and morals that extend to all people. Eventually it will be all animals. And then eventually we will have to make up a new god to replace the outdated christian god with the horrible morals. I say that but the bible says god punishes children for the sins of their parents and gives stories that show this kind of morality and people still believe it and have no good arguments to defend it. Wanting the christian gods will to be done is being full of hate. If you want good people to go to hell for not believing in something that has no proof and you dont mind child rapists and serial killers to reside with you in heaven then your morals suck. If you think that a person who gets married as a virgin and has 14 kids because he wont use birth control and takes so little care of his kids that some of them die from preventable causes is better than a person who sleeps around with many girls and has two kids who he takes very good care of and loves unconditionally then you are morally incompetent. Our morals are proof that no god has taught us. Because if a god had taught us back in the day with these religions we wouldnt have changed and strayed away from religion. And the world isnt good today because of religion. Its better now because of generations of free thinkers who made christians ashamed of their traditional beliefs.

  • Freedom is the right of all sentient beings

    If humans want to live up to their moral expectations, they must extend their realm of moral consideration to nonhuman creatures. Consider this: If an alien lifeform were to land on Earth, does it sound morally right to capture, imprison and experiment on it? Philosopher Mary Anne Warren presented five qualities in a being that indicate personhood and worthy of being treated with dignity; 1) Consciousness, 2) Reasoning, 3) Self-motivated activity, 4) Capacity for communication, and 5) Presence of self-concepts (e.G. Self-awareness).

  • Respect all forms of life

    Humans for the most part believe they are the priority, but look how the world turned out. Humans have caused way more damage to itself than any life form on this planet, nature for the most part is peaceful, non-wasteful, and giving. They should decide for themselves what rights they get.

    Posted by: K9
  • Humans are often considered equal.

    It is this premise which demonstrates why animals or nonhuman beings should have rights. When people say "all humans are equal," they obviously do not mean literally, physically, mentally equal. Everyone is superior in one aspect or another, and everyone is different; thus, we cannot truly say people are "equal" in this regard. Rather, they mean they are equal in that we take everyone's interests into consideration. We do not undermine the desire of one due to differences in physique, intelligence, and so on. To do so would be ridiculous and reflective of the simplest form of nature - it would merely be survival of the fittest. Clearly, then, if we do not discriminate on basis of intelligence of physical attributes and we take everyone's interests into account, then why not give animals this right, too? Obviously, we don't start giving fish school education and pigs comfortable beds to sleep in, for these are not the interests of fish and pigs. Fish want to swim and eat, pigs want to roll in their mud; thus, we should take their interests into account and allow them the avoidance of unnecessary pain. If we discriminate on the fact that animals have lower levels of intelligence, then why is it that we take the interests of people who are not as intelligent as others into equal account? Why do we bother to serve the interests of infants or those who are mentally disabled?

  • Technically speaking, yes.

    Animals should have certain rights. Such as the right to live, eat, breathe, move, breed etc. I do not believe that it would be sensible nor tangible that animals rights should mirror human rights precisely. I mean, animals voting in elections and going to school doesn't quite seem practical, does it? However, I am all for letting them be set free and whatnot. Hence why I do not support zoos either.

  • Ultron is an example of a worthy NonHuman having Rights

    In the movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the character Ulton was a nonhuman being and he had the capacity to make his own decisions. I do not about you guys, but he sounds like a worthy candidate to receive basic rights. My point is that if nonhuman's have the capacity to make their own decisions, then they deserve rights. Thank you America

  • Animals should have rights

    It doesn't matter whether they understand them or not they should have certain rights. The right not to be killed inhumanely, the right to procreate, the right to freedom and to flourish within their own natural habitat, the right to food and water. No one and nothing asks to be born or to come into existence and therefore everything that does should have an equal and fair opportunity to enjoy the gift of life as it was naturally intended. For people that say animals are not as smart as us and therefore should not have rights, do you, then, believe that smarter people should have more rights and privileges than their less smarter counterparts? The fact animals arent as intellctually smart as us is irelevant because they still have emotions, they still have consciousness, they're living things with instinctual desires and social capabilities just like us and therefore deserve the same respect. Animals are just like really really really mentally retarded humans but im sure we can all agree no matter how retarded someone is they should be afforded the same rights so why not animals. Because they're a different species?? Human slavery is an injustuce to humanity and animal slavery and cruelty is an injustice to nature.

  • I say "Nay"!

    A person's freedom requires them to be able to conceptualize freedom. There is no evidence that I know of that animals have this ability for the most part with a few exceptions being those of the most intelligent. That said creatures cannot gain rights based solely on their neurological capabilities being too low.

  • Not at all comparable to humans

    While animals deserve certain rights and immunities, such as the right not to be killed inhumanely, the word "nonhuman" implies a comparison to humans, which is simply inaccurate. There are three primary reasons that animals are infinitely inferior to humans.

    1. Looking to the future

    Outside of simplistic instinct-based anticipation, animals have no clear sense of the future, and cannot look forward to the day, for example, when they will have their first offspring. For instance, squirrels bury nuts instinctively; its an evolved behavior. But they do not bury them thinking "mmm...Can't wait to have these next spring".

    2. Fear/Awareness of death

    This is a big one. The fear and acceptance of death is a solely human possession. Animals may have brief flashes of ignorant fear borne of evolution when their life is in danger, but they can't appreciate their life through knowledge of death, nor hold a proper understanding of what it means to exist.

    3. Consciousness

    Studies generally conclude that almost all animals, with very few exceptions, have a consciousness or an awareness that even so much ash holds a candle to our species. They are driven by instinct alone, and are not self-aware at all, nor can animals stop and enjoy their existence or their environment. For animals, it is forever a struggle to survive .

  • Animals don't have rights.

    Animals do not and cannot have rights. In order to have them, you have to have understand them. Animals don't have the cognitive ability to do this. If you are talking about aliens, this is a dense opinion poll, as there is no hard aliens that aliens even exist. :D

  • Rights and respect are different things

    No they do not have rights because they do not have sentience at least not any way close to humans. Additionally they do not have the ability to understand their rights. Not having rights does not mean humans do not have the responsibility to treat nonhuman beings in a respectful and humane manner.

  • No. They have protections, but not really rights

    You'll get just as much, if not a higher, sentence for killing a police dog than a human cop

    You'll be arrested for killing an endangered animal

    Animals only have protections from us. Laws that basically force us to live and let live. Animals have instincts and that's pretty much it, so "rights" is not the word. Just protections

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