• Yes, North Korea‚Äôs provocations warrant attention in an unstable global environment.

    Firing rockets, missiles, and satellites into the atmosphere is not a matter than can be taken lightly. These capabilities offer the potential to harm many innocent people since they are means to start a war. By not paying attention to Korea when they are trying to get a response and respect from the global community allows Korea to act without accountability.

  • They Do Not Warrant Attention

    I do not think we should give North Korea any attention at all. There actions do not warrant it and I don't think they will do anything. If they wanted to use their missiles they would have done so already They're just seeking attention and the best thing to do is not give them any.

  • No, it's just a cry for attention

    The whole reason that these missiles were shot off was to get the attention of the world. Why do they need that attention? If they truly had any power, they wouldn't worry about it. It's like the middle child acting out so the parents will give him some attention. It's just a method to get the world to pay attention.

  • Provocation by who's standard?

    Launching rockets and satellites into orbit is no cause for concern. The US has used spy sats for decades without being restricted, so why would they have the right to limit such rights in another country. Calling a space program 'provocation' simply because you do not share the political inclinations of North Korea is nothing more than propaganda aimed at shifting public opinion, probably simply to pave the way for yet another war which the USA holds no actual causus belli.

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