Do Northerners deny racism (yes) or are they openly racist (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • There is no denying racism

    No such thing. I mean, geez, Carlin fever is really in full season. No, Northerners are openly racist. They're not in denial of their racism. Same kinda nonsense as Holocaust denial. Doesn't exist. Truly evil people want the Holocaust again. There is no denial of racism in the North. People in the North are openly freaking racist. And elitist.

  • Elitist Yankees Still Fighting Civil War

    New Yorkers think they are "all that" and the world revolves around them. There is no way in heck I would live in the north because it's too cold in the winter and cities are too crowded like Washington, New York and Boston. Northerners aren't racist, but they are elitist with their attitudes that everything revolves around them and their history of the American Revolution and the U.S. Civil War. When we go to meet our maker, I seriously doubt God cares about what part of America we're from.

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