Do Obama's FEMA camps violate American civil liberties?

  • It is just another example of passing law without justification and consideration to the people.

    I believe FEMA camps violate American civil liberty because, Government shouldn't have the power to imprison anyone without proper charges. The whole point of America being the greatest nation in the world is people have the power. I think , creating specialized camp like FEMA can never be a good thing for a nation.

  • Yes

    While this idea and concept may seem absurd, the groundwork for this type of government was instituted on September 11, 2001, and will likely be fully activated after an Obama assassination. In the post Obama assassination atmosphere, a race war, martial law, and COG are all possibilities. Should the situation get out of hand, the FEMA concentration camps will be opened and utilized in the extermination of political dissidents. The only way to avoid this impending scenario is to immediately share this information globally in hopes that the International Community will informed and up-to-date regarding the political situation in America.

  • We tried this once

    Putting people in camps is generally a bad idea. During WWII, Japanese-Americans were deemed "dangerous" and put into internment camps. This ended up being a national disaster. While I'm sure FEMA would have the best intentions to "keep people safe" in the event of a disaster and whatnot, forcibly putting Americans into camps never ends well.

  • No, Obama's FEMA camps do not violate American civil liberties.

    No, I believe that Obama's FEMA camps do not violate American civil liberties. The camps in question were set up to assist citizens in need of aid, but unfortunately this disaster came at a time when the elections were going on. While most of the bad publicity is due to the partisan effort of certain politicians, the actual details and circumstance at the camps did not in any way resemble "internment camps", though the insinuations were made. In this case there seems to be much ado about nothing because of the timing of the issue.

  • Im going to say no.

    The simple reason I dont think a FEMA camp goes against rights is because you still have the right to a fair trial and imprisonment. The only thing different about a camp is they increase the size for amounts of criminals. The only reason a FEMA camp would be bad is if they dont give food, acceptable living conditions, or prisoners are not given the right to a timely and fair trial.

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