Do Obama's gun control proposals ignore the facts?

  • Coming from Chicago he should know this

    All the american cities with tight gun control have high crime rates. An assault weapon ban wont stop criminals from getting them. They'll still get them just like they do with illegal drugs. Why do people ignore these facts. Where you have more gun control you have more crime. Don't deny the facts.

  • Just more legislation...

    Admittedly, it doesn't seem to be all bad. However, what little good there is, and it is very little, isn't worth spending millions on.
    For instance, requiring criminal background checks isn't going to do any good. It's only enforceable if the buyer plans to register the gun he bought. Do you think Joe Criminal wants to register his gun? Of course, not.
    Another part of the legislation clarifies a part in Obamacare specifying that doctors are not prohibited from asking how many guns are in your home. How in the world is that any concern of my doctor's???

  • Yes, He is Ignoring Obvious Facts

    Obama's plan claims to be about preventing assault rifles from being legal. However, when the term "assault rifles" comes to mind, guns like the m16 or m4A1 (military weapons) are thought of. These guns are already illegal and impossible to obtain. This plan goes after hunting rifles or guns with the same ability as a handgun. This is just another step to banning arms all together in the U.S.

  • His gun control proposals are not ignorant of the facts.

    No, I do not believe that President Obama's gun control proposals ignore the facts. Well, at least not any more than gun ownership advocates tend to ignore the facts. But with every new school shooting, theater shooting, and mall shooting that takes place, the less rational the so-called Second Amendment "activists" sound to me. We need more control over firearms for our safety.

  • Facts Are U.S. Has Most Gun Deaths in the World

    Obama's gun control proposals don't ignore the facts because the United States has the most gun deaths of any country in the world. We need universal background checks, better psych evaluations and legal drugs so people don't kill each other for stupid reasons. Drugs make people nuts and they feel like shooting another human being is a good idea. It's not the guns, it's the now-illegal substances that drive people nuts that causes gun violence.

  • No, hes interpreting the way he sees it

    There are some of the facts that can be argued. There are some of the facts that can be misinterpreted, but I think the facts are pretty much correct. He is seeing the gun violence for what it is. As for the NRA, I think they to, are not ignoring the facts but they are making the facts work for them.

  • No

    If President Obama ignored any 'facts or figures' it would be those of the National Rifle Association, more commonly known as the NRA. The NRA has biased data and statistics on guns, gun ownership, gun laws, opinions of the American public about guns, and of course what 'we' as America should do about gun control. President Obama took in non-biased data and based his actions upon that data.

  • Obamas gun control laws are misunderstood

    The only laws that President Obama has enacted since taking office, has expanded the abililty for the average American to use guns. He signed into law the ability to conceal and carry in parks. He has not put anybody out of owning a gun that could not do so already.

  • No

    This isn't a movement to ban all guns in the US, those that think it is are delusional. It's not ignoring the facts either, these proposals are intended to make daily life safer and while they won't accomplish all that they hope they're far better thought out than the "turn everything into a giant gun and we'll be safe" counter argument. The only argument coming from gun nuts that I agree with is that what assault weapons are is poorly defined.

  • On the surface it may work

    On the surface Obama's gun control proposals would work to help and don't ignore the facts. With that said we have only gotten a small taste of what they entail and there may be more too it that is not going to be good for the country. Only time is going to tell on this one.

  • Obama's gun control proposals do not ignore the facts.

    Obama's gun control proposals do not ignore the facts. I think it needs some revisions but I think he is on the right move to doing what he think is best. We should limit the amount of guns that terrorists and bad people can get their hands onto. However, we should allow people to be able to defend themselves.

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