• Are you kidding me?

    Young people nowadays have so much competition and obstacles in their life that elders did not have to deal with. All of the obstacles and competition that young people face on a daily basis begins in high school. In high school young people have to get good grades, get a part time job to afford college, and do tons of extracurricular activities at the same time. All of this pressure is already crippling for a young person. Then young people HAVE to apply to college if they want a future. College admissions are really competitive and to get into a good university you pretty much have to be almost perfect. On top of that many students do not have enough money to even attain a Bachelor's Degree because college is so overpriced, and have to takeout student loans. Student loans are a death trap for many students because either they get a bad job and have a bad future or are in a debt for most of their lives. Lastly the cherry on top of the ice cream is even once young people get their degree, jobs are so competitive and far between that many young people are forced to move back in with their parents. Employers often give candidates unreasonable requirements and are very stingy about who they hire. Even if a young person is really smart or really lucky and they find a job, they will still have to deal with student loans, if they do not have rich parents. Now, I am saying there exceptions to the young people above I am referring to. There are young people who choose a real good field for a career, got 4.0's on their report cards along with ten solid extracurricular activities, and had rich parents who paid for their college education in full or were superman and managed to hold a part time job while doing all this. However, most young Americans cannot attain this because you would have to be a completely perfect to do this and not mess up once in your life. This is basically impossible. Therefore many young Americans are screwed nowadays with all these requirements. When older Americans were in school it was not required they go to college and there were more jobs to go around. There was less competition in school and the workplace at the time.
    *I do not mean to insult any elderly person by this post. They have problems of their own like the rest of us. I am not saying that the problems elderly people face are not worth looking into or not important.*

  • Times Are Changing

    The sheer fact that the cost of everything has sky rocketed in the past twenty years is just one factor on why older Americans had it easier than young Americans today. To add complexity to the issue they also had many more job opportunities that have shriveled and disappeared in the past year.

  • Yes, its easier to be older

    Older Americans don't have to deal with a lot of the problems younger Americans have. Younger Americans have been more heavily impacted by the financial crisis. Its much harder to find jobs nowadays. Older people who have been working for decades were insulated to a greater degree. Also, younger people tend to be burdened with student debt.

  • no, I do not believe so.

    I believe older Americans had it better than young Americans in the past; particularly in the 50s and 60s when the quality of life was high, the economy was soaring, and people were more friendly to one another. but as of right now, everyone is on an equal playing field.

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that the older people that are in the nation today have it any better than the young ones. I think that the older people still have a lot of the same trouble that young ones do about getting money and trying to get by today.

  • No, The Elder are treated poorly

    Being an advanced country should say something about how we treat our elderly, however, this is simply not true in America's case. Our elderly are treated much more harshly than any other developed country. Many other countries provide many more benefits to their elderly, while America simply ships our old off to the nursing home to die. We live in a young society where age is reviled. It is truly sickening.

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