Do older PCs benefit from having Windows 8 installed?

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  • No, older PCs can't take full advantage of it.

    Older PCs are not likely to benefit from the newest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. Windows 8 is built to take advantage of new hardware specifications that don't exist in older PCs. However, if older PCs were to be upgraded with solid state system drives, then they could take much greater advantage of just about an operating system, including Windows 8.

  • Windows 8 is No Good

    In my opinion, older computers should definitely not install Windows 8. In fact, Windows 8 is probably one of the worst releases by Microsoft. The older computers should install Windows Vista or XP because they would be handled better by the older processor and computer. Windows 8 is only best for touchscreen devices.

  • Depends on Preference

    I believe it really depends on preference when it comes to Windows 8. I have a older laptop with Windows 7 on it and I am not interested in Windows 8 at all. I think the copying of android application and operating platform is weak and inferior to Windows 7.

  • Windows 8 isn't good anways

    Windows 8, first of all, is much more harder to use. That's just my opinion there.

    Second of all, chances are, if the computer is that old and outdated, it's just more worth your money to buy a brand new computer. Putting Windows 8 on an old Pentium 4 based system will not make the computer go any faster or preform any better.

  • They can't handle it.

    No, older PCs do not benefit from having Windows 8 installed, because older PCs are not prepared to have Windows 8 installed. Windows 8 would overwhelm older PCs. They do not have the capacity. They would have a hard time running and they would run very slow, because it is more complicated than they are made for.

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