• Primarily true (although there are intersex conditions)

    The human species naturally falls under “male” or “female.” Yes, there are intersex conditions... But that’s a condition and isn’t normal. I have a feeling that many people consider masculinity and femininity as gender and are saying “There’s more than male and female.” And should be saying “there’s more than masculine and feminine.” Gender is a SYNONYM for sex... They are NOT DIFFERENT. I wouldn’t like to be refered by my masculinity/feminity but instead refered to as male or female... Thank you SJWs.

  • I'll say this quick... I hear a stampede of SJWs coming this way...

    When I say that there are two genders, it is not subjective. It is in fact, on the contrary- the concept of two genders has been scientifically proven through biology of humans and animals alike for centuries. Except in today's society of political correctness, few- if any- biologists would have accepted otherwise, proving the factual nature of the two gender concept. However, this is not the only reason...

    When we listen to the LGBTQIA+ representatives even, we hear them answer the question of "how many genders exist" with "it's impossible to tell" or "infinite." This troubles me- the reason that they are asked this question is because people have identified as a new gender constantly and seemingly daily, making it logically appear as though they are simply coming up with it out of thin air. In essence, I believe these genders are just a fantasy created by victims with the privilege of having the ability to do so. It puts a whole new meaning to the common joke of today- "yesterday I was a boy. Today I am a proud Apache helicopter."

  • NO! Just stop.

    What about pangender and pansexuality! People should get to be whatever gender they want to be! Agender is also there and so is non binary. There are so many reasons that gender is more than boy and girl! Dang I need 6 more Words foo foo foo foo foo foo

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