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  • Everyone benefits when everyone contributes.

    No, only women do not help the society. I don't know where the asker of this question lives, but here in a first world nation like the United States, we have come to understand that all individuals have an inherent level of worth to society. Men and women are capable of showing great compassion and making great contributions to society.

  • Men Help Too

    I believe both men and women help society. People help society in many different ways. Teachers, for example help society a great deal, and there are many male professors and teachers. When you think about the wealthy, Bill Gates, has constantly put his fortunes to good work by helping out society in a variety of ways. So no, women are not the only ones to help society.

  • Both men and women benefit a society.

    To suggest that only women help a society is incredibly myopic. A simple cursory examination of any given society will find a multitude of men who have contributed in a wide variety of ways. Thus obviously men benefit society. In fact both men and women add to the success of a society.

  • Society is helped by both men and women.

    Women are an extremely important part of our society and they do help society in many ways. However, men are also necessary to society and they also help it to function. Women and men have varying ways in which they help society, but no one gender is any more vital than the other.

  • Men and Women Help Society

    It's absolutely moronic to say that women are the only ones that help society. In reality, both men and women make contributions to society on a regular basis. Both genders are fully capable of making contributions that we rely upon constantly. Without men and women, our world would be severely lacking.

  • Men and women help the society too.

    I disagree with the statement that only women help the
    society. Both men and children help the
    society in many ways. Men work many jobs
    involving manual labor that would be extremely hard for women to do. Most of the soldiers in the armed forces are
    also men. And, there are many children
    who are successful entrepreneurs.

  • A society is composed of both men and women and men play a role as much important as a woman.

    All the productive work in the society is done by men and they also perform a lot of duties for the betterment of the society.Many movements have been started by men which have led to the betterment of the society, many a times they have risked their reputation and sacrificed their lives for the society, so it cannot be said that only women help the society.

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