• Yes, it seems that way

    Perhaps not as a absolute rule, but when I look at couples who have enjoyed a long, happy marriage they certainly seem to fit this idea. It's almost funny to think that we choose a mate for life based upon how much they differ from us. That being said, this usually applies primarily to personalities. I find that they tend to be in agreement of life's big issues.

    Why do we look for opposites, who knows? Maybe we are first drawn to them for no reason other than they are different; they offer a new and exciting perspective on life. Maybe we see them as having something that we value but do not have. I'm sort of fond of my opposite; I can't understand her at times but I'm sure glad she's different! I think attraction to opposites can even result in personal growth; we end up better than we were because we learn from them.

  • I think that opposites attract.

    I think that opposites attract. This is because people are always drawn to
    new and different things. Life would be
    boring if we were all exactly the same.
    Men and women are opposites. We are
    attracted to each other because our bodies are different. It’s exciting and entertaining to explore new

  • No, and if they do they don't always stick.

    Maybe sometimes they are attracted to each other because they fill each other out. But unless they recognize that that is what they are doing, then they are doomed to try to make each other into a version of themselves that will never happen and that will taint the relationship.

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