• Yeah ostriches do matter

    I mean it might not matter to humans but the ecosystem would be not better if there were no ostriches in their habitat. With out them, There won't be no animals to show that the lions don't rule. They can be mean and agressive but that's the anture of ostriches.

  • Ostriches do matter

    Ostriches are one of the most interesting animals on the planet. They are the biggest bird there is and they can't fly. They have a very interesting personality and can be very funny. Ostriches, However dumb, Are very very important to people all around the world. They are worshiped, And valued, And they are amazing.

  • Ostridge is fake

    Big dong ostrige is govermint creeaytion 2 kiyl the natzis in world wahr 1. Ostrige no real beykause gekume ran away from his circumcision. They r not big gay they r big fayk! I want to muder ostrige and c if govermint mayk more. I want justyce and big lyberty

  • Ostriches are what Ostriches do.

    And would the universe collapse if there were no Ostriches. Would the universe collapse if there were no humans to see it or think about it. Would we care about Ostriches if we could not see or think about them.
    Just like us Ostriches are matter but don't matter. Maybe!

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