Do our moralities prove the existence of god?

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  • No, As Morality Evolved from Being Social Animals Dependent On The Group For Survival:

    When we started sharing the ground with predators and catching quick prey, we quickly worked out that the only way to survive was with strong group cohesion, watching each other's backs and supporting each other when in need. If hominids did not do this, predators would pick us off as individuals.
    So for basic survival of a group, we must not weaken the group by any means. Thus killing other members of the group reduced group numbers and survival depended on strong numbers, thus we developed the knowledge that if we kill others in the group, we risk our own lives, so we developed do not murder naturally.
    Same goes with anything that upsets the group, such as stealing and annoying other group members, all these pose a risk to the group cohesion, thus bad.
    Also we developed a deeper caring for others from hominid's very long gestation period, we became natural nurturers, who even nurture creatures from other species (pets), because of our many years of being nurtured ourselves and mirror neurons.

    Thus caring and morality are all byproducts of our natural Evolution of highly nurtured, group dependent social animals.
    It's only natural and no evidence for God in any form.

  • Everyones morality is different

    If we had a perfect god you would expect us all to have the same moralities and evil wouldnt be happening because god left us ignorant as has been the case all throughout history. Not to mention you idiots actually know that some humans can build rockets and you dont think that we could have come up with rules on our own. Pretty stupid.

  • Your morality does not prove the existence of God.

    Your morality does not prove the existence of God because even if you believe in something, it doesn't mean it really exist. All that you have to back yourself up with is faith. You may disagree with me but look at it like this. Has God really ever been seen or heard? No, so there is no solid evidence that God exist.

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