• Paparazzi invades celebrities privacy

    Celebrities are people too, they do not like to have people taking embarrasing pictures. What would you do if paparazzi invaded your property and took pictures of you while you are eating dinner? Or if paparazzi chased you while you were driving. Many celebrities are going mad by paparazzi. So I think that paparazzi hurts celebrities.

  • No, The Paparazzi Promote Celebrities

    Celebrities would be nothing without the paparazzi. Cheeky freelance
    photographers create the buzz and scandal that people who are famous
    for being famous need to generate to keep themselves in the public eye.
    Paparazzi pictures of starlets who are dating established stars give
    newcomers a chance at fame, and photos of weird drunken escapades
    keep used-up actors in print far longer than they deserve. Celebrities should
    pay the paparazzi.

  • Paparazzi Help Celebrities

    No, paparazzi do not hurt celebrities, and in fact help them. Paparazzi may expose celebrities' private moments, but they also cause the celebrity to be in higher demand than s/he may be otherwise. In doing this, being exposed by paparazzi in fact helps celebrity careers and celebrities would be worse off without them.

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