Do parents have a right to know of a child's pregnancy or abortion?

  • Children are the parents' responsibility!

    It is the parents' responsibility to be involved in the child's decisions. It is not right for the child to be hiding anything, especially something so major as a pregnancy, from their parents who want the best for them. If the parents are notified, they can help the child through the experience and can help them make an educated, informed decision.

  • Keisha proud parent

    I think a parent has the right to know about their child pregnancy , but I don't think the child should be judge telling a parent is the hardest thing they can do especially if the parent is strict sometimes the child get caught up in the moment but the parent has to realize its gone happen one day age ain't nothing but a number , you have to deal with it and move on.

  • Medical Decision

    We don't let teens drive, drink, smoke, or vote due to their immaturity with making important decisions. Making decisions regarding life/death and medical procedures follow this. Why should parents be notified if their child takes an aspirin at school for a head ache, but not for an abortion ? Also, how many children might get abortions due to rape, feel ashamed, and try to hide it ? Also, teens are getting pregnant younger. The last thing we need is a 10 or 11-year-old making potentially devastating decisions about her body and her parents don't know.

  • They are the people who brought us to this world

    They are our creators and the agents of our ethics, they have the full right to know. I'm sure everyone will agree that teenagers don't make the best decisions. They need a parental guidance to help them make this drastic decision. I must say it is the parents fault for not raising the child to understand that getting pregnant this young is a huuuuge mistake.

  • Depends.

    Because it says "child", yes I think so. If you're under your parent's jurisdiction, you have no right to keep anything secret from them.

  • A hormonal, hyperreactive teenager should not get the only voice when she gets pregnant.

    It is nonsensical that a teenager might be too young to drink or vote or be held to her contracts or join the military or marry without her parents' consent or even drive, but can get an abortion without her parents' knowledge and without consulting either with them or a with a judge. It's a significant medical procedure with huge potential physical, moral, psychological, emotional, and social implications for the rest of her life; she can't just get an abortion and pretend she was never pregnant. Parents have a right to be involved in making such a momentous decision, even if not given the final decision. They deserve to know what's going on in the child's life and be involved in such life-changing decisions.

  • I believe parents should have the right to know of a child's pregnancy or abortion, because they are ultimately responsible for the child's care until she is eighteen.

    With the exception of a few circumstances, parents are responsible for their children's mental and physical health until they are adults. A child should not be allowed to make such a huge and potentially damaging decision about their health without a parent's knowledge. I understand the argument against telling unreasonable, angry parents and the increased risk of back alley abortions, but data suggests that the risk of complications is far greater than the likelihood of either of these the two scenarios playing out. I am a strong Democrat and believe in an adult woman's right to choose. I do not believe in a child's right to choose because in most cases, the parents will step up and deal with the pregnancy in a rational manner. This issue cannot be solved to please everyone, and I count on the fact that there are far more rational, well-meaning parents out there with generally good girls than child abusers and desperate teens.

    Posted by: taitava
  • I agree that parents have a right to know of a child's pregnancy or abortion, because the child is a minor and still the responsibility of the parents.

    Parents are responsible for everything their children do. In some states, parents of juvenile delinquents can be charged with the same crime as their child, and must pay restitution for those crimes. It is, therefore, logical that a parent should have the right to know about a pregnancy or abortion, because the child's health and well-being are at stake. The parents will no doubt be financially responsible for whatever outcome prevails.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Parents should have the right to know

    How many times do kids come home and have their parents ask them: "So, what did you learn in school today?" A school day's-worth of deucation can change a simple test score, an abortion can change a life. A young person's brain is not fully developed until age 21 or later and they can't make the best decisions on their own. Parents at least have the wisdom that comes from experiencing parenthood and deserve consultation on such an impactful decision.

  • Parents have a right to know of a child's pregnancy or abortion, because it is a decision that should not be made by a minor.

    Parents have a right to know of a child's pregnancy or abortion, because it is a decision that should not be made by a minor. In the case where a minor gets pregnant and is faced with the decision of having a pregnancy or abortion, the parents should know. The parents should know for a couple of reasons. They should know so that they can provide the emotional support. Another reason that parents should know is that minors, although they think that they can make the decision on their own, cannot. They are still children, and are not able to make a logical decision.

    Posted by: PuzzlingDarrin48
  • Do We Want More Minors Raising Children

    Putting up more barriers to minors getting abortions is NOT a good idea. We don't want more minors becoming parents and not going to college. Of course adoption is also an option but many minors don't choose that. Society and the economy will benefit if it is easier for minors to have abortions.

  • No, I am my own person. I have my own mind.

    My parents' conservative beliefs are certainly not mine. I have the ability to adhere to any philosophy I choose, and my parents should have no say in what my decisions are. I should be free to follow my choices, regardless of my background. Should I not be able to get an abortion just because my mother thinks it's wrong?

  • Its not them.

    Whether a teenager is pregnant and wants an abortion it is none of their parents business. Its not their body going through the ordeal, and whether or not you decide to keep the baby is not their decision to make. However, I'm not saying you should completely disregard your parents advice. They are your family and only want what is best for you-so listen and consider their opinion, just don't let them make the decision for you.

  • They're choice to have unprotected sex

    People at a young age shouldn't be having sex in the first place. If they choose to have abortion then let them. Maybe next time they'll think twice about sex without protection. But they should try and keep the baby since it was they're mistake that made it so deal with it.

  • Unprepared pregnant teens? That is something we really do not need.

    As others have mentioned many teens will not get an abortion if their parents have to be notified. If the teen is at least 16 I see no reason why the parent should have to be informed. At that point,
    I do not feel parents should still have so much control over their son/daughter's body. With some families the consequences for getting pregnant and/or getting an abortion can be severe and unreasonable sometimes influencing the teen into trying dangerous home methods of abortion. We need to acknowledge that teens can make some responsible decisions on their own.

  • Will prevent teens from aborting

    I hear from data that 50 percent of teenagers will not abort if their parents will be notified. This will create problems because it's more likely that teens will be parents. Teenagers can tell their parents if they are confident. I heard about a case where a teenage girl needed permission from her parents for her to continue with her abortion. Her parents got mad, kicked her out and now she is on welfare with her child. Ouch!

  • I'm for planned parenthood.

    If the child, however young and immature she may seem should not be forced to undergo an abortion (as result of parents' knowledge) or should not be forced not to have an abortion. It's her child in the end, the way she wants to for her child to be brought up is stronger than the parents' wants. Parents will almost always want to tell the child whether they can keep it or not, it might cause problems, or force certain people to live under circumstances which they do not want to endure.

  • Children are human beings too.

    To undergo an abortion is a categorically positive choice for an underage girl and her relationship with her parents could be strained by availing them of this information. Why should a bad situation be made worse by mandating that this information be made available to them? I say, abort it and be done with it. She has learned her lesson.

    Posted by: FR
  • Children deserve a right to privacy.

    Especially when it comes to matters of their body. Would you like to be forced to tell your parents every time you go to the bathroom? Or have your period No? I didn't think so. What utter nonsense. A child, as a human being, deserves privacy in matters of their own biological function. It's not their parents business of they get pregnant or deserve to have an abortion. It is their's and theirs alone, along with anyone they choose to share that information with.

  • Abortion should be legal and available to a woman of any age and remain confidential, as well.

    I don't think there is a need for the parents to know, as long as the child is educated about abortion, birth control, and given a method of birth control, such as an IUD, after an abortion. If the child can't relate to the parent enough to tell them, there is a viable reason, aside from fear of disapproval. As far as pregnancy goes, if the child wants to continue the pregnancy and is under the age of 16, yes, the parents should probably be informed, as it will probably be their health insurance that is affected.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47

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