• Parents control too much

    Im 16, and I have my won job. I occasionally will purchase my own ice cream or a Gatorade with my hard earned money, and my mom will demand I share it with my sister. I hate it, because I bought it, not her. I feel like she has no right to take my stuff and give it away.

  • Too much power

    Parents can often arrange things that their child does not wish to do, such as learn to play an instrument or see an old "family" friend, without the child agreeing to. The child may then rebel and say that they will not go. An argument often occurs next and the child will tell their parents to go away, leave them alone or something less respectable depending on the age of the child. The parents then may say something like "you don't tell me what to do. I tell you what to do. In situations like this the child is not given the power they deserve while the parent dictates everything. The parents will often then utilise their unjust power to take away the things that the child enjoys such as playing outside with friends or playing on their Xbox. These events then develop unhealthy relationships between parent and child which could cause the child to despise their parents for a sustained amount of time.

  • Not fair Government stuff

    Even through the government, voting and jobs r for adults. Voting should at least be allowed for like teens and teens. We kids r like puppets and the adults move the strings. It's not fair. And school programs think their "helping us by making us get extra homework" HOW WOULD U FEEL IF U WERE FORCED TO SPEND HALF THE DAY TAKING TESTS AND READING BOOKS HUH?" IT WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER IF WE HAD MORE POWER. #MORE POWER

  • It depends on the situation

    A parent's job is to try their best to make their children good and happy people in the future. When parents punish their children it should be to teach the kids a lesson and help them be better in the future, although the kids may not be happy with it. I know parents don't always see eye to eye with their kids and that is ok. But the child's perspective is also important. It is very annoying to me when my parents punish me for something that I don't understand is wrong. They should make at least a serious attempt to explain why it is wrong. Parents are not always right even though they have spent more time here on earth, but we are all human and as I said earlier, they should be looking out for their kids well being and future. If they are doing this, they deserve the right to have control.
    But on the other hand, children are people too and though we should prepare them so they can be happy in adulthood, it is important that they are happy now. Even though we spend most of our lives as adults and childhood may seem silly and inapplicable, it is still important to enjoy.Therefore too much punishment and control is bad.
    I also believe that parents are paranoid. Parents are afraid of their children getting hurt or doing things that are immoral. These are rational fears, but it is not right to take away a child's freedoms because of it. There is an age when parents need to keep control to protect their children, however I believe that many parents overshoot this age. It might not be good to let your 4 year old ride their bike to school alone, but I have a friend who is 15 and is not allowed to do so. She lives about a mile away from school and doesn't have to go through any bad neighborhoods or anything to get there. Her mom is overreacting. She knows the way to school so she won't get lost, and fear of kidnappers or something similar is simply irrational because of the sheer unlikelyness of the event. Her mom is being paranoid and too controlling. It is important for people to feel trusted and it is important to be independent. Letting your kid bike to school is small, but it shows these two things. My parents let me ride by bike to school when I was 10. Every child is different, so sometimes different kids need different freedoms at different ages. However, I believe most parents place these ages higher than they need to be. They need to relax and stop worrying.

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  • Parents are normally overprotective

    When parent think they are helping, they are usually being overprotective. Just stop and relax! Kids are normally rebellious, so you don't have to give reasons to. Just see what works for both of you and then you'll be fine! Life could be so much easier if we accepted this.

  • Parents take over

    Parents do not allow children to develop a sense of independence. This makes a child rebel against parents that have control over their child, many children would oppose and not acknowledge any information the parent is trying to give. Children would often fall in to bad habits. For instance, children would consume drugs, be involve in gangs, and drop out of school.

  • They will rebel

    If parents have too much control over their children's life, education and hobbies I feel it can be detrimental to their development. If parents swoop in to 'rescue' their child whenever they are in trouble this is preventing them from dealing with problems and being independent. If parents try to control their social life they will eventually rebel. It's better to support them as best as you can without smothering.

  • Parents can do anything to their kids as long as it's legal.

    I am a 10 year old and my parents have control over most things that I have. During school vacation and weekends they make me do even more work. The entire point of weekends and school vacations is to spend quality time with your family and do the things that you want to do yourself. NOT to spend even more time doing work.

  • Parents Often Abuse Their Power

    Parents often think that because they brought their child into existence, and they raised them, they have the right to control their life and do whatever they want to. Children are human too, and they have the right to not do things against their will. Sometimes, parents physically abuse their children and call it "discipline", but most times, this discipline is caused by a parent's inability to control their emotions, and goes too far.

  • Parents have less control than you think as much of it has been ceded to the state.

    The fact that most of the "yes" votes are children should say something about the poll.

    Sorry to say it, yes-sayers, but you are children and don't have perspective. Oh, you're 16? Sorry, still a child. "But I'm 18. I'm legally an adult!" Sure, old enough to be legally responsible for your actions and just young enough for a few more years to have no idea how to handle those responsibilities.

    There was one decent yes vote. The one dated 12-30-2014. That was the only decent vote. I disagree with it, but can respect the opinion. You'll notice, yes-sayers, that as the age increases among your opinions, that the apparent level of perspective of the opinion owner widens.

    "Children should have the same rights as adults since we are all human" You know what comes along with rights? Responsibilities. Why don't children have the same rights? They're not actually capable of bearing the burden of the responsibilities.

    If you voted yes, are you under the age of 23? Your brain hasn't fully developed, yet. Male and under the age of 25? Yours hasn't fully developed, yet. It has no bearing on your intelligence, but your perspective is limited by lack of life experience, lack of adult experience, really lack of experience in every aspect that develops your perspective as an adult.

    Understand this aspect as well: this doesn't apply to all adults, either. There are children emancipated at 15 with a clearer view of the world than 55-year old adults. However, even then, it's tenuous because of their lack of experience.

    How do I know you don't have enough perspective? Fairness. You think it's unfair for a parent to tell you what to do? Really? Are you God's gift to the world? Are they undeserving of your presence? For the most part, adults choose to have children, ready for them or not. Mostly not. Regardless of how ready parents are, the financial aspect is still what it is. Let's lay fairness in this relationship down the way adults have to accept it, since you want to be adults.

    Fairness to adults when it comes to relationships with the rest of the world is basically just balanced trade. We agree that if I do X for you, you will provide me with Y.

    The relationship you accidentally fall into is not one you get to really be mad about, especially given how likely it is (since you're on debate.Org) that you are in a first-world country with parents who feed you. Kids don't really get to be mad about "fairness" because in all "fairness," not only do they not provide any value other than happiness. From an objective standpoint, children are one of the greatest liabilities an adult could incur.

    Raising you to 10, 16, 18-years old took more time, effort, and cost to simply keep you alive- much less anything else on top of that your parents did or didn't give you- than you could reasonably ever consider pay back.

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  • Parents ignore their child's development

    Kids in today's society are growing up to become single minded delinquents who believe the world comes to them. Parents are allowing their children to get away things because of may reasons that society is oblivious to. By saying 'no' the parent then has to deal with their child's complaints and temper tantrums as they are frustrated, where if a parent says 'yes' there is no issues and the child learns that they can do anything as it makes their parents life much easier. Also by not being more strict on rules, teenagers and children push and push to see where their limits can take them and for it takes to get into trouble-the best part about this is that the parent doesn't give their child any trouble for the delinquent behavior. Furthermore encouraging the child to behave in such a way.

  • Parents don't have control anymore

    No, parents don't seem to have much control anymore. Kids can run wild, and if parents do something about it, they are "mean." We're told we are not supposed to spank kids. If they want, kids can report spanking as "beating" - then you know what happens. Anything can be interpreted as "abuse" these days.

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