• Parodies of songs

    Parodies of songs do more harm than good because they are insulting and embarrassing to the original artist of the song. With song parodies, the people who actually enjoy, or the people who took part in creating the song, are doomed because the parodies are coming out and they will be able to take over the original songs. This is bad.

  • Depends on the content.

    The collected views of parodies made on YouTube, making fun of the artists they are originally from, is probably higher than the original song itself. And that says something.
    We live in a world that thrives of humiliation to make ourselves feel better, and hey, I have a sense of humour, don't get me wrong, but if someone is going to dehumanize a celebrity for following their dream, then no, I'm not going to laugh.
    If I was made fun of for what I love doing, then I'm going to feel s****y. Anyone would. It's degrading, it's rude and it's bullying. Musicians are making music not just for themselves, but for others to listen to, and enjoy. It's not just the artists who are offended, but the fans as well. I've been named and shamed for liking certain types of music, and specific people, and how is that even fair? Every single person on this planet has different taste in music, in food, in books, in sport, in porn. It's what makes the world go round.
    So yes, I think that parodies do more harm than good, when they are blatantly bullying someone, or someones. But there are some very amusing spoofs out there. You just have to look hard.

  • I don't think so.

    Although some parodies make fun of the writer and singer, some are purely for entertainment. Many video game parodies don't even have anything to do with the author, they just use the song pitch and background music. In fact, I have discovered many music artists just from parodies. Also, yes, some parodies DO make fun of the singers, and it is really up to the singers how they want to react. They can laugh with them, or be offended. Not to mention, some artists like the fact that parodies are being created as it brings more attention to the song.

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