Do passengers have the right to sue over conditions on the stranded Carnival cruise ship?

  • Of Course, And Negligence Needs To Be Punished

    If travelers were endangered in any way, they should be able to go to court and tried to hold the cruise ship accountable. This could be as a class action or as individuals. Cruise ship travels are putting their lives into the crew and company's hands. It's not something any transportation company takes lightly.

    Posted by: rpr
  • The Law allows for it, plain and simple.

    The right? Absolutely because the system of law in America is an open one for one and all. Even in cases of frivolous lawsuits the law system allows them because it keeps the spirit of democracy in the court room where all important issue pertaining to a man can be resolved.

  • Yes, but only for the amount of their cruise ticket.

    Accident happen, inclement weather happens and there's no way of knowing what exactly will happen and when. The most a company should do for these unlucky passengers is refund their ticket. That's the extent that they should be accountable for. If that requires the passenger to sue, then so be it. They'll reach a settlement easily enough.

  • Unfortunately we find ourselves in situations that are unpleasant and beyond normal control.

    Traveling by sea, plane, and trekking in the mountains all come with inherent dangers. When a person chooses to travel by sea they have to take in to consideration that there are disastrous things that can and will happen. This unfortunate incident is just one of those many things. The average passenger aboard the cruise should not be able to sue the cruise line. There are exceptions. Physically injuries and such should be taken care of by the cruise line as well as any damages that could have been prevented after the accident that were not. Also as a good will gesture the cruise line should compensate those that were affected.

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:51:05.057
Absolutly, they paid for a vacation and they got a night mare and poor hazardious conditions.