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  • He's gotten more outlandish.

    No, I do not think that Pat Buchanan's ideas offer a credible alternative to neoconservatism, because he has gotten very extreme, and Jerry Fallwell-esque in his old age. Back when Buchannan ran for the Republican nomination against Bob Dole, he was fairly mainstream. Now that he has nothing to lose, his views are quite extreme.

  • Pat Buchanan is Too Old

    Pat Buchanan is too old and is turning into Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swaggart. All of these men were viable in their younger years but now they are losing their minds simply because they are elderly. There is no reason why a younger generation of Christian conservatives can take over for their forebears.

  • No, Buchanan's ideas often counter themselves.

    Buchanan's ideas often counter themselves to the point that they do not make any sense at all. If one were to counter these ideas, how would one do so? They would be nothing to do so in the eyes of neoconservatism. If the person wants to believe that this is possible, then let it be.

  • No, Buchanan's ideas do not offer anything different to conservatism.

    While I agree with a lot of Pat Buchanan's ideas, I do not think he offers a credible alternative to neoconservatism. I think that his ideas can offer some ideas that will be beneficial to the Republican party though. But I do not think he will change the way a lot of conservatives think.

  • No, not really.

    Pat Buchanan positions himself more as a traditional conservative, but that is not quite the case. When I look at the man, I see half tea party and half neocon. When he was on MSNBC, all he did was toot the GOPs horn. He is especially fond of Reagan, too.

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