• Yes, some people actually like Donald Trump

    Yes, some people actually like Donald Trump, or the person they imagine Donald Trump to be. There are people who believe that Trump is their avenging angel and will act against all those who have caused problems in their lives. They believe Trump will make their lives great again--that he is both willing and able to do so.

  • They voted for him.

    There are a lot of people that like Donald Trump. Some people don't see him as a jerk. Rather, those people see him as confident. There are people who believe that Trump will do a good job building free enterprise and business in the United States. There are other people who like him for his cameos in movies.

  • I think some people do.

    Millions of people voted for him which means at least half of them actually like him. Somehow he is speaking in a way that appeals to a lot of people. He is conveying their distrust in anything mainstream and that makes him attractive. If his policies fail to improve lives, then these people may change their minds, but that isn't guaranteed.

  • No, i disagree

    Donald Trump is a bully, and has no integrity or character. I cannot believe how absurd people are to not see this just by watching his debate tactics. He calls people out, talks around himself in circles, and lies. He's also extremely rude. This country will NOT win win win if he is elected as president, it will go down in flames. I don't know about you, but personally it doesn't sound very exciting to be part of a dying country because I voted for a ruthless lying idiot.

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