• Yes, people benefit from budget airlines.

    Yes, budget airlines benefit people. When budget airlines make it possible to travel for less money, people are more likely to travel. Travel helps the economy because when people travel they spend money on hotels, food, entertainment, and shopping. When people spend money it helps the economy to get healthy and stay healthy.

  • Budget airlines bring travel within reach

    Without budget airlines, many people would be unable to fly at all. With prices for flights so high, many people struggle to afford a holiday at all so budget airlines are a great benefit to the wider public. People don't mind the lack of frills and a lower baggage allowance if they are able to fly to a variety of destinations at low cost. Budget airlines are the way forward.

  • Yes - Budget airlines allow more people to see the world

    A lot of negative things are said about budget airlines, but I think on the whole, they are an important part of our modern society. In a world where there is so much debt, so many people struggling with money, budget airlines mean that people of all different financial backgrounds can enjoy the luxury of holidays out of the country.

  • yes they benefit from budget airlines

    If it wasn't for budget airlines, we wouldn't be seeing low fares being readily available to the average person all over the world. Legacy carriers are learning that they can make more money by utilising the
    same fees that budget airlines charge for goods and services on their own routes.

  • On budget airlines, you travel alone

    NO perks, insufficient in-flight attendants, no insurance... Budget flights come at a price. If you pay each service separately, the total amount will likely exceed a standard ticket.
    Again, the seats are narrow, uncomfortable, there isn't a blanket if you are cold, or a glass of water if you are thirsty.

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