Do people care more about social issues than economic issues?

Asked by: dan40000000
  • Yes they do.

    Most people care more about social issues rather than issues such as taxation, interest rates, imports and exports, international trade etc. This is probably because they feel social issues effect them more directly and personally and because not everyone delves very deep into economic issues or has a very in depth understanding of it.

  • Most of them do, Including myself.

    I believe majority of the people treat social issues more importantly than economic ones simply because economic issues tend to take effect over-time and are not really exciting or unique (there are always some sorts of economic issues) while social issues tend to be very unique and usually we feel directly connected to said issues; especially if they happen within our communities.

  • Most definitely they do!

    It is sad to me that two people getting married hold more weight in voting decisions than strong economics. I mean I would rather be wealthier than have freedom of religion or I would rather let abortion slide if it meant we had a stronger economy.

    It seems to me people care more about Abortion, gay marriage, etc than if they have strong job growth and potential. Does anyone else think this is happening?

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