• To some extent

    Trauma from a particular sex can make someone view someone as a danger zone, this causing a gay or hetero attraction which can reverse orientation, the mind does this to protect itself and the body from harm. I was traumatized by women and went to men, men upset me, so my mind went to somewhere very gross, I am dating a woman, and slow reverting back to heterosexuality. I see not all women are a danger zone.

  • I have changed, and so can you.

    I lived in homosexual addiction during my adolescent years so I know that change is possible. I came out of it. It gets harder with age but the freedom one experiences makes it a worthy struggle. Please strive brothers! Hope to see you where I have made it to be... Take care.

    Much love,
    - Martin


  • Yes they do. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant of genetics and the human mind.

    A person cannot be born gay for the simple fact that babies aren't born with the thought and desire to have sex. Someone doesn't come out of the womb wanting to 'sleep with' another baby.

    This article is a perfect illustration of why people choose their sexuality and that no one is born gay.

  • Your opinion doesn't matter when it's a known FACT. It has HAPPENED.

    What else needs be said?

    The counter to this is usually something along the lines of "oh, but they just didn't really KNOW their orientation at that time! They didn't change anything, they DISCOVERED something!" But that's ridiculous. The people who change their minds often don't characterize it that way. And people have changed their minds on this more than once. What, was such a person just "discovering" what they "really were" each time or only the last time? Who's to say when someone's final decision has been made, anyway? Do we not know someone's "real" orientation until they die and can't change it any more?

    But some say it's not necessarily the last thing. They say it could have been something else but then the person decided to "jump into the closet" or whatever. How is that YOUR call, how can YOU presume to say what they really are? Let me guess, you can tell because the "real" one must be the homosexual or bisexual one, amiright, anything but heterosexual. To say that such a person is just suppressing their "real" selves is rude and dismissive and not letting these people decide for themselves... So... That would make YOU the ones with the ACTUALLY bigoted position.

  • I think there's no right or wrong answer

    I mean over time you begin experiencing new things and explore more... There's people that they start being attracted to the same sex but that doesn't mean you chose to be who you are or not. I think a lot of things can influence your perspectives on things that doesn't mean you chose to be the person you are now. It just naturally happens.
    In my experience, at the beginning I liked the opposite sex then In secondary school I started feeling attracted to the same sex and then over time I realised I'm neither homosexual nor bisexual. I am pan-sexual and I'm proud of who I am.
    I think for everyone is different.
    In my opinion, there's no right or wrong answer.
    Just be yourself no matter what people say.

  • I'm sure of it

    On Wikipedia. Scientists still have no answer as to why someone is born gay. No gay gene. Nothing.
    How can you be "born gay" when you DISCOVER what your atteacted to in the teenage years? And not only that, They probably never will have an answer for this. Or they will pin everything on genetics like they usually do

  • People have changed. Myself included.

    The arguments supporting an unchanging sexuality always fall short. Find yourself unconvinced time after time like I did? Pfox helped myself and others, escape from the bondage of the unfilling, dangerous lifestyle of homosexual attraction. Hope to see you there. Believe in change. Believe if yourself. Thanks for reading. :)


  • Many people have changed their sexual orientation; myself included.

    The arguments supporting an unchanging sexuality always fall short. Find yourself unconvinced time after time like I did? Pfox helped myself and others, escape from the bondage of the unfilling, dangerous lifestyle of homosexual attraction. Hope to see you there. Believe in change. Believe if yourself. Thanks for reading. :)


  • Sexuality is a choice

    Sexual orientation is a choice, and it's quite simple. Let's do a easy experiment, take earth, duplicate it, and put all the homosexuals on said planet, and the straights on the other. Now if homosexual's stay true to their word, they will be extinct in (probably) less than 100 years. If we go back to straight planet earth though, Everyone would have reproduced, and life would have continued. Like Light is to darkness, Male is to female.

    I don't believe in Evolution, but i believe in facts, and facts prove my statement.

  • You are not born SLGBTQ

    Sexuality is heavily influenced upon your surroundings. All people, weather they like it or not, are born of and to serve the purpose of continuing the human species. It's just what we do. However, as we develop, we may realize that our behavoir is abnormal. That we don't adhere to these rules of reproduction. It is known that enviromental factors play the biggest role in how you are molded. Everything that's not DNA (and even some parts of that) is formed by your environment. There is no 'gay gene'.

  • Sex Is All In Your Head

    When I began my medical transition from male to female six years ago (under the supervision of an endocrinologist), I found that not only did my body and patterns of thought go through subtle shifts, but I also began to notice shifts in various parameters of my sexual attraction. When my testosterone is highest, I am attracted to only women. When it is low, I am attracted to only men. My estrogen levels seemed to determine what type of man or woman to which I was attracted: masculine when high, feminine when low. As an example, when both my testosterone and estrogen are low, I find myself attracted to masculine women.

    It is my belief, and medical research is beginning to emerge to support this, that the brain is hardwired from birth to respond to a particular set of sexual stimuli, regulated by hormonal and/or other biochemical factors in the body. At any give time, I do not have control over what I consider sexually attractive. I cannot force myself to find one person attractive and another to not be so. I believe that if someone with as forceful a will as I have cannot accomplish this, then few if any other people would have any greater success.

  • There is no free will.

    The human experience is singular. Thinking that you could have chosen another way instead of how things actually are is a delusion used to fuel self-pity. Improving awareness will increase your range of possibility, but like everything else, your level of awareness or use of knowledge/wisdom is based on your past experience. The average person has no business thinking they are free in any way, you can not control your desires, emotions. Your past has an enormous influence, all your thoughts are based on your experience and the languages you use. I repeat: Free will is an illusion designed by the mind to fuel self pity. So just let go.

  • No it is not able to be chosen!

    Sexuality is something deeper than just hormonal stuff. Actual sexuality does not change. And it's not able to be changed. And it is never chosen. It just ends up a certain way. The exact cause is unknown, but it's either in genes or epigenetics and environmental stuff or things like that, but definitely not anything controllable!

  • Sexual Orientation is not Chosen

    No, people do not choose their sexual orientation. Rather, sexual orientation likely comes about through matters of genetics, with some influence of a social environment. Individuals are simply born to be of one persuasion or another, but whether or not that persuasion gets expressed can depend upon the upbringing of that individual. For example, a gay person who was brought up to believe that homosexuality is wrong may identify as straight out of shame.

  • It's Not a Choice

    Sexual orientation is not a choice. We cannot always help who we are attracted to. We hardly ever think of heterosexuals consciously choosing to live a straight lifestyle. This would mean that we must recognize that straight people COULD be gay if they wanted to. I doubt that many people would think that makes much sense. Sexual orientation is determined, probably, by a mixture of genes and environment. It is not a choice.

  • Sexual Preference is Innate

    While environmental factors may play some role in sexual identification, study after study has shown that people do not choose their sexual orientation. Just as you don't choose your favorite color or food, you don't choose what gender you prefer to have attraction to. There are many theories as to why people prefer what they do, but it is not known precisely how it works. Nonetheless, any notion that sexual orientation has any choice is nonsense.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No, they don't

    Sexual orientation is something you are born with. While some people chose to fight it or do not realize their true orientation until later in their lives, no one chooses what is in their head as their orientation no more than anyone chooses which gender they feel they are or what their natural hair color is.

  • No, you can't.

    I believe that each person is born with a set sexual orientation. It is then your choice rather or not you act on those desires. It is a choice to come out and accept your sexual orientation. Rather or not you remain in the closet, is your choice. However, you do not choose your sexual orientation.

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sgrm8 says2015-06-10T02:13:58.630
I'm glad that the majority of people know that sexual orientation is not able to be chosen. It's still disappointing that about a fifth of people (as of now in this poll) say that it is able to be chosen....
I wish EVERYONE would just understand: NO ONE CAN CHOOSE THEIR SEXUALITY!!