• Yes, Grow to love

    Love, is such an abused term, often becoming interchangeable with sex and lust. Choosing to love, is the same as choosing the right person. Choices have consequences, if you don't choose right you accept the impacts of your decisions, lasting or temporarily. A step parent, can choose to love his wife's preceding children or not.

  • Yes they do

    I think that an individual chooses his or her's significant other via attraction, but I also think that, because of the judgement factor of modern day society, that they look for attractive features that they would be praised for. Mostly because when a person is attracted to someone, for example *Love at first sight,* its because of whats on the outside.

  • Yes, people choose who they are attracted to.

    Unless you live in a society which has an arranged marriage, we have the choice to look and discover people we find attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are first attracted to the physical, and then we are pulled in by inner beauty. Our brain triggers the heart.

  • It's a life choice

    There is a misconception out there. People are beginning to think they don't have choices, that their body restricts them. The only choice your body makes without the consent of the mind is perhaps fulfilling basic needs, maintaining homeostasis. Sure the body is naturally compelled to reproduce, but that is not as specific as with whom to do so. I am assuming this is regarding homosexuals, which I do not support. If the only inter-species, natural need is to procreate, then homosexuality is a choice. A human is not attracted naturally to the opposite gender, so why would they not choose to be heterosexual? Homosexuality is a choice as is the specific person one is attracted to.

  • It's a choice?

    Because I once saw this ugly guy (sorry not sorry) anyway I just kept staring and I then starting having feelings. So then I say to myself no you can't like him I repeated it for a few hours and saw him the next day and I didn't like him.

  • Mostly true !

    As soon as a guy sees a woman or vice-versa, the first thing that engulfs both of them is the attraction. Putting aside the concept of arrange marriage, every one in this world is first of attracted to each other, and then the decision is left over them so as to be with them or not. This decision is turned into satisfaction only by communication between them. But this conversation between them would not had been possible if they would have not liked each other. First comes the attraction, then after some talks comes satisfaction. Attraction is a better way rather its a satisfactory way to love or to choose one as partner.Why would some one approach the other person without any damn reason@! Obviosly ! There has to be a attraction, or lust for it to get started! No action are done without any damn reaction in some one!

  • It's like ice cream flavors.

    Who you are attracted to is sort of like liking ice cream flavors. Don't like men? Don't like vanilla? Okay, that just happens, it's okay, you didn't CHOOSE to dislike it. Same thing with women, or even both. No one chooses who they are attracted to, it just sort of happens.

  • Attraction is NOT A Decision

    When two pepole first meet, the woman isnt thinking "Should I be attracted to this man" and the man isnt thinking "Do I like her?" It comes naturally. Just like you can't control your feelings (mad, sad, happy, lethargic, etc.), you can NOT control who you fall in love with. Its a biological thing.

  • Attraction is biological

    A hetero-sexual man doesn't look at a women's breasts and asks, "am I attracted to these breasts?" - the answer convincing him whether he is attracted. He's looking at the breasts because his biological make-up makes him attracted to them. His subconscious mind is calculating the health of the woman, and breasts are a good indication. He's also going to be looking at hips and general physique (the larger the woman, the more likely the child will be able to come out and survive BUT overweight woman are unhealthy, so there is an attractive median between obese and skinny).

  • It just happens.

    No, I do not think that people choose who they are attracted to. The attraction just happens or it doesn't. Once it happens, you can either deny it or just go with it. You choose how you react to an attraction, but you don't choose to have the attraction itself.

  • You don't get to choose who you're attracted to

    Something that has been thrown around in religious circles for a long time is the idea that being gay is a sin because people apparently choose to be gay to be disobedient. I am considered a bad Christian because I do not believe this. People are born to be attracted to people who are a good match for them chemically or just people who are a good match for them socially.

  • It's more subconscious

    No I don't think they choose who they are attracted to or who they fall in love with but they do choose to go with their feelings.
    It's something that happens subconsciously although they are concious of the feelings they have. I think ur gut tells you...Although a lot of people miss read that n go for the wrong ones. Sometimes a gut warning is mistaken for the opposite

  • People cant choose who they like

    Love is complicated. It is unpredictable. A person could think that they hate this other person, but then they suddenly have feelings for them. You can't choose who you like/love, but you can choose to embrace it or not to embrace it. But one can't choose who they fall for.

  • People do not choose who they like

    Love works in different ways. It is unpredictable. You could think that you hate this person, but then suddenly you are attracted to them. You can't choose who you like, but you can choose to not embrace it or to embrace it. It is your choice but you cant hep who you're attracted to.

  • A Quick Experiment

    Do a google search to find ugly people. Now try to imagine yourself being sexual with that person. Honestly try with the intention of wanting to be attracted to that person. Did it work? No? You still find them repulsive. Congrats you don't choose who you're attracted to. Good day to you ;)

  • That's A Bunch Of BS!

    One thing we can't control is our feeling so that girl or guy you swore that you could never be attracted to just might be the person you will marry.You know why? Because we can't control our feelings and you can't say what you want you will not beat your sincere feelings!

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Ragnar says2013-04-26T05:00:53.907
I'd say yes and no.
I've actually had a friend cry over their terrible taste in men, wondering why they could not like nice guys. It's a rather complex issue, that likely varies person to person.
xxXChelseaXxx says2013-04-26T23:30:54.640
@Ragnar Women have such a great difficulty being attracted to nice men because nice men don't make us feel good. Whenever I'm talking to a nice guy (the average nice guy), I never feel attracted to him because he would be easy to date (women want a chase) and his indecision (like asking where I would like to go) is annoying.

The way to solve the problem is to realise that as a woman, your attraction is based on nonsense (and in all honesty, the same goes for men but for different reasons). Through this realisation, while I can't feel different about bad-boys and nice guys, I can at least override the nonsense with rationality (e.G. While a bad-boy makes me feel good, he will probably treat me like dirt).