Do people even believe in Shakspearean acting anymore?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Obviously, on four accounts

    1) The person who made this opinion question obviously does. I'd imagine that Adam2 is a person. Obviously, he still has some personal love for Shakespearean acting.

    2) The BBC does. For a while actually, the BBC has been making modern versions of Shakespeare's plays. No text has been altered (except I believe one line in Macbeth), and all of the stage directions are the same. They believe in it and make it happen. These are also people.

    3) Ian Doescher does. While, this isn't necessarily acting, he obviously believes in it but couldn't make the acting part happen. He wrote Star Wars as Shakespeare would have done it. It was written in the same language and form as Shakespeare would've written it had Shakespeare written Star Wars.

    4) People do Shakespearean plays all the time, whether for fun or for performance. The only altering of text is to shorten the play if necessary, and sometimes if done in something like a Christian school, to remove some words currently seen as taboo in such an environment.

    I think I've covered just about everything I can off the top of my head.

  • We don't anymore

    Everything is so auto-tune now. Mind you not every movie has to be Shakespeare. I enjoy an action/adventure film with some grit. A comic movie with comedians and their cursing. But I miss the old days. Expressing poetic love to your lady. Those super sweet romantic moments. I miss that.

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Adam2 says2014-04-18T16:49:33.113
One reason I love a lot of PG movies (at least from the old days) is the warm innocent poetic nature of those movies. Expressing warm love to the girls to impress them.

Music is different. But when it comes to acting, let's go back to the roots