Do people even realize that capitalism is THE only truly ethical and logical system?

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  • And your reason is?

    I'd love to respond to your post, but you are asking a question that has neither warrants nor is it worded properly. Your question rather should be ( or resolution) : Capitalism is the only truly ethical and logical system. Additionally, no I would say it is not. Free market is the most ethical because, on balance, it promotes freedom of the individual, which is above all else the highest regarded ethic or moral right that must be preserved. Capitalism in its purest form perhaps is the most logical, but your argument is skewed by multiple aspects: A) There are numerous examples of un-ethical actions that take place under the capitalist mindset. B) it is only logical when it is not directly influenced by politics. C) if this were the case, why would other countries that are not capitalist have less dept. Than ourselves or a higher GDP or more positive net gain than the U.S or other capitalist nations? Because I see no reason to believe your claim, I must negate your resolution.

  • Utilitarianism is the best approach to economics NOT ideological worship of capitalism or socialism

    We should approach economics without a capitalist or socialist agenda and just figure out what works the best towards the goals we desire to achieve. Insistence on ideological purity whether capitalist, socialist, or communist can only prevent the best policies from being put into practice. In some cases a more hands-off approach is the best, in other cases more government involvement is the best.

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