• Yes they do change

    I myself have been feeling very different then they way I used to be lately.
    Its kind of frustrating exspeshually for me because I'm not a person who likes change but I guess I'm just going to have to get used to it being as I cant really do anything else about it.

  • People do change throughout their life.

    People are capable of changing. There have been many people who made a decision to stop doing illegal activities, stop drinking, stop drugging. Some of these people have been successful. It is important, I believe, to never give up hope on anyone. People can learn new character traits. People can learn new morals and values.

  • Yes, but it requires a lot of discipline and is uncommon.

    We often hear the expression, "people don't change", and for the most part it is true to life. This is not to mean that people cannot or will not change, however. Simply that more often than not, they don't. In order to elicit a change in your behavior you have to be willing to subject yourself to honest self analysis. People often do not like to address their own negative behavior, preferring to make excuses. For those with discipline and a genuine desire, however, change can happen.

  • Change is a natural process.

    I think that people change all the time. Firstly, it's a natural part of growing up. You're not the same person at 14 that you are at 16, 18, or 21. And as an adult, who you are in your 20s doesn't represent even half of what you will be in your 60s.

  • Yes, they can

    I do think people can change,but it take a lot of work. The problem is, it takes a very dramatic situation to change them,but its up to them. I think for example, if you never wear your seat belt because its for babies, an accident could change that idea for you.

  • Yes, people can rarely change.

    People usually seem to have a relatively set personality from the time they're children. That being said, some people have made positive changes in their lives. Sometimes it's as a result of a tragedy or something that really knocks them for a loop and causes them to evaluate what makes life important. That being said, in today's culture, it will probably be less common since everyone is typically taught they're perfect just as they are.

  • As a whole, no.

    Have you ever heard the saying "history repeats itself"? Well, looking at today, many things that were in history seem to be reoccurring, though this time, in a different form.

    -Racial/ gender discrimination. Only then, it's a different race and gender that is getting discriminated. Back then, women were fighting for equality; now they want more rights (3rd wave feminism), leading to men fighting against them for what the women fought for back then. Radical race activists bring to mind people like Malcolm X, who used violence instead of diplomacy to get their points across.

    -Religious wars. There were conflicts over the Holy Land (Crusades). There were conflicts about dividing sacred land (which lead to some Arab-Israeli conflicts). Churches in the Middle Ages used scare tactics to make people convert. Terrorism exists.

    -Science. There are some people out there who will debate that the Earth is flat. This has been proven false by the ancient Greeks, but not after some debates. Similar debates waged on later in history, and now, today.

    These were only just three examples.
    People can only change if they learn from the past to improve their future. Because they don't, well, they can never truly change.

  • Change is surface only

    People do not change they simply and only temporarily change to accommodate comfort. Say I quit drinking, the reason I drank is still there. I am still that girl and always will be. We like to believe in change because some of us are blessed and some are cursed. For those who are blessed life is easy for those living on a dollar a day or with bowel cancer real change at a spiritual level won't occur. I have lived sober for years and I am the same piece of shit I was drunk. I have not changed at all as a person because of efforts on my part. People who say life gets better are a) delusional or b) blessed and wouldn't change a fucking thing anyway. Sorry if this depresses you but it's my experience, life is a card game and most of us get really shitty hands and the dealers a piece of shit!

  • Change is a facade fabricated by humans for comfort.

    Change is an illusion. Humans never change: every human is fundamentally similar. As humans progress through their lifetimes, they place restrictions on themselves that keep them from displaying their true nature. The environment a human grows up in and lives in determines what type of restrictions that human will place on itself. It is just a matter of how these boundaries are cultivated. If you were to take the most peaceful human living in the world and instead watch him, from birth, grow in a volatile situation in an unstable part of the world that allowed true human nature to flourish, what is to stop him or her from displaying the true nature that all humans share? Humans like to think they change because it comforts them and it makes them feel like they are somehow on a different moral level than people who participate in what we see as barbarism. "Barbarians" (e.G. Terrorists, murderers, etc.), as we sometimes call them, are no different than us. They will never change. They will only learn to place restrictions on themselves, as those of us who "are not barbarians" learned from early on, preventing any manifestation of "cruel" instinct. All being cut from the same cloth, all being descended from the same ancestors, from the same ape, from the same single-celled organism, we are extraordinarily similar in nature to the humans that lived a millennia ago. As they were to the ancestors that lived a millennia before them, as they were to the ancestors that lived a millennia before them, and so on. By extension, we share fundamental and important similarities with all of these creatures that we have evolved from. All humans share the same nature. No one ever really changes.

  • The soul is the soul

    Deep down people cannot change they may appear to do so as they change their behaviour or react to certain situations. This is just all on the surface.
    The inner self (or soul) of a person doesn't change, all souls belong and are connected.
    That's all I have to say

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