• Yes, they do

    Yes, people tend to overthink everything! When they easily find a solution to a problem, they think it was too easy to be a good one (too good to be true), so they try to find some different solution. And somewhere in the process of thinking they lose the grip and in the end they return to the first solution they came up with. Madness, that's what it is.

  • Yes, it's hard for people to think of easy solutions.

    Yes, people have a hard time finding easy solutions. The reason people have a hard time finding the easy solutions is because they always think complex things require complex solutions. If something is really difficult, people tend to think that it's going to take something that is equally intricate to solve it. That's the case sometimes, but not all the time. People should look at every solution, especially the ones that seem obvious.

  • People analyze too much.

    When it comes to thinking of solutions, people analyze more than they need to. They are also afraid of choosing the wrong option. This leads to over analysis which in turn clouds a person's judgement, leading them to miss the easy option. If more people were aware of this phenomenon, maybe they could consciously counteracting it.

  • I agree that people find it hard to think of the easiest solutions.

    Many people can over analyze problems and assume that the solution has to be complex. I'm reminded of the saying that often times the answer is staring us right in the face. Often outside-the-box thinking is required to find the easiest solutions to some problems that seem to be the most difficult to solve.

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