• Our society is too feeble

    The majority of our society, yes, we are becoming softer and weaker-minded. We get offended over the tiniest things. Take cultural appropriation, for example. If a white individual wants to wear cornrows, you shouldn't be offended over it because of "cultural appropriation" or whatever nonsense reasons you SJWS are spewing these days. Now if they covered their face with black paint and drew big red lips on their faces then I could see a reason to get offended, but someone from one culture wearing something from another culture is nothing to get offended over! And there are plenty of other examples of people getting too offended over little things, I just wanted to point out a clear example.

  • Calm The F*** down

    We as humans have been masters at adapting for millennia so when we solved mostly all of our problems it has become an issue of trying to fix every problem that doesn't need to be solved. So stuff like the wage gap and fake news was created as a fixable problem. That created the deeply rooted defensive mechanisms in everyone that fancies them self a problem solver.

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