• I Think So

    I believe people get wiser as they get older. I know that my 30 year old self is much wiser than my 20 year old self. I think this is one of the reasons you hear a lot of older people say they do not want to relive their youth unless they can take their knowledge with them.

  • Aging brings wisdom.

    People definitely do get wiser as they get older. This is because life teaches lessons to people in all aspects of life -- relationships, jobs, and economics in particular. Experience is a teacher to all, and sometimes that experience comes in the form of hard-learned lessons. The young people simply do not have this kind of wisdom.

  • Yes they do

    Yes because when you are young you are out there experimenting and you learn the consequences of everything you did in your youth. You learn from your mistakes and then you remember the consequences of what happened and you don't want to repeat them over or anyone younger to repeat the same mistakes you did.

  • No, People don't get wiser with time.

    As someone once said "although wisdom is built on life experience, The mere accumulation of years guarantees nothing". Indeed, Life experiences can teach us some lessons but it doesn't mean it can make us wiser. It actually depends on the person, "as we grow older, We grow both foolish and wiser at the same time".

  • Impossible (depends) to be honest

    Older people think they're wiser but you're the same person you always were! It actually depends on the person, as they might've been stupid when they were younger but now are a bit more wiser.Viceversa as people actually get stupider when they are older! I've seen evedence by my very own eyes!

  • No, we just have more experience.

    I don't really think people get wiser as they get older. I think they just have more years worth of experience in their human data base to draw from. By the time you reach about sixty, you have probably run across a wide variety of personalities, political agendas, and life experiences. Everyone views their experiences differently - some wisely, some not. You are still the person you always were.

  • No, people don't get wiser as they grow older.

    I do not think that people necessarily get wiser as they get older. I think that it depends on the person. There are a lot of people that do get more knowledge the more years they live, but therea are also those who do not learn anything as they get older. Like I said, it depends on the person.

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