Do people have control over what happens to them?

Asked by: xoxoSOS
  • Yes, We have control over what happens to us.

    Now, What does the word "happened" means? It is highly correlated with the word "effect". And, Observe, There will be no "effect" if there is no "cause". This is the very reason the "Butterfly Effect" is existing. But, Some might say, The "cause" of all these "effects" is nothing but Fate. Here, A blunder you'll commit if you agree on this one. For, Fate is nothing but the one who created the system of "Cause" and "Effect". A proof? If you don't eat for a month, You'll struggle real hard if you don't die. "If you don't eat", That is the Cause. And what is the Effect? You'll die. Now, Where's Fate, It is fate that if you don't eat for that long period of time, You'll die. That's why, People do have control over what happens to us.

    Because if you argue with this, It's like you're letting others (thing or man) to meddle in who you are or what you are. Or it's like you're constantly blaming something or someone for what's happening in your life. And it's not a pleasant character to have.

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

  • IMO, No and yes, But mostly no

    People don't always have a choice to control what happens to them, But at the same time, People do. People don't have a choice to control because of random coincidence/chances or maybe at the decision of others. On the other hand, People do have a choice to control what happens to them because they themselves usually have the ability to choose what they want and what they believe is good for them.

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