Do people have the right to kill themselves if they are unhappy or miserable?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Legally, yes they do.

    In the U.S. some states had listed attempted suicide as a felony but over the years these laws have been taken off the books. It is still a crime to assist a suicide unless you live in certain states that allow it to terminal patients. Oregon and Washington State both have a "Death with Dignity Act".

    As far as religion is considered, that depends on the religion. Some claim that suicide is a one way ticket to hell where others it is a chance at redeeming your honor.
    Personally, I am an atheist so there is nothing after you die, you stop existing. Though you may think your life may be worth little, it is still worth something and something is always better than nothing.

  • First off we never asked to come here

    And we didnt do anything to deserve what we go through so why should we have to go through it? If a god created me and wanted me to stay alive he would have given me the ability to socialize and be happy. Why would a perfect god create someone without the ability to feel pleasure and expect them to live and serve him and be happy about it? Why would god allow some of the people he created to be slaves and end up in prison for things they didnt actually do? Why is it that god who is responsible for all the evil in the world can be considered perfect while the people who do one of these bad things are considered to be evil? I guess god has a do whatever you want and get away with it card. But i never asked to be a part of gods "plan" so i dont have to serve a "god" . Nor would i when there are thousands of religions with gods who all claim to be the one true god while offering no evidence to support the claim. Why would the real god make himself look like all the false gods if he wanted me to believe in him? Its stupid.

  • It all comes down to free will.

    We as humans do not have the right to restrict what anyone else does, unless what they do will harm another person, which suicide does not. If they want to kill themselves, they are entitled to it. I think it is a generally lazy and selfish solution to your problems, but it is a personal right, and no person, government, or any kind of human authority has the right to restrict that. I think that if someone wants to die, they should be informed of the consequences. They need to know that death is final, and there is no turning back. It seems a problem for many people who commit suicide (and yes, there are exceptions, but I am speaking in general terms) is that they all think there is no way for them to be happy, and that it is impossible to change their lives. Or maybe they just don't want to look for the solution, because just ending it is so much easier. I've talked to many people who were suicidal, and quite a few of them just seemed to think they were incapable of fixing their problems. If they could be convinced that there is a way to do this, if they just set their heart to it and persevered, determined to make something of themselves, then they can make a well informed decision. Someone who is still determined to die shouldn't and really can't be stopped, but informing people of these things may make them reconsider.

    In conclusion, people have the right to choose what to do with their life, but they need to know what the consequences of their actions may be.

  • Yes, There are responsible suicides

    Killing yourself is a choice one does himself. Even when it's the wrong choice. People that commit suicide for the wrong reasons don't show poor character or weaknesses they mainly reflect their societies inability to care and include them. It's their right to make us ashamed of ourselves. Their weakness mirrors our own limits.
    But they don't have the right to cause more pain than necessary. Every death is tragic for families but killing yourself in a way that will traumatise or endanger others (such as jumping in front of a train) is inacceptable. You have the right to wrong decision in the boundaries of what you are responsible for. To me, a responsible suicide is possible and legitimate.

  • Pepole have Choice

    Even though, I believe that suicide is a horrible action and definitely should not be encourage and that people who assist in suicide should be criminilized. Pepole have a right to do what they want to do in their own life ( under circumstance.)

    I am not saying that suicide is a good thing, far from it, however, what I am saying is that people should not be ridiculed of attempting suicide and then going to jail.

  • People should have a say into what happens with their life. Even if it means ending it.

    I will put this simply. If a person is very miserable and leading a life in which he/she has to struggle every day to survive, wouldn't it be more humane to simply let them choose to kill themselves? This can be applied to medical cases also. A person with cancer in the terminal stage shouldn't be allowed to save themselves from the suffering and pain of their disease by killing themselves?
    They should first be examined to be determined if they are in their right mind before actually doing it, but if it turns out that they are rational, they have a right to end their life.
    We do this to animals but we can't do it to people?

    In the end, even if they are allowed or not, a person who wants to end it's life, will eventually find a way to end it's life, but instead of it being painful, it could be easier for them.

  • It's your life, do what you want with it

    If you are down to that point of extreme depression and you want to end it all, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to. After all do what you want with your life. If you are terminally ill for example you should be perfectly able to drink poison or put a gun to your head to end the suffering.

  • Yes they have the right

    I guess people have the right to kill themselves, but this isn't neccasarilly a good thing.
    I'm sure there it is better to be alive than being dead.
    If you are majorly depressed the easy way out is to kill yourself.
    But I believe it is better to try and improve your life rather than committing suicide.
    I don't believe killing yourself will effect your afterlife, if you have one.

  • Its their life

    I think that if you wish to end your own life, you should be completely entitled to do so. Of course, we need to set a ground of common sense and define what is the appropriate, safe and humane way to do self-euthanasia, possibly through a suicide pill or medical procedure. As long as it doesn't harm anyone around you and you are of age, I believe it is a legit decision to commit suicide.

  • People should have the right if they are in so much pain to die

    People who are suffering with mental health problems and want to die should have the right to choose to die as painless as possible but I think they should have to have treatment first and if they still feel like they don't want to live after the treatment then at least they have tryed and more people might come forward for help because they know that if the treatment doesn't work at least the will get to die at the end of it

  • There are many reasons why a person may want to end their own life, but few of them are justified.

    There are several arguments used to support suicide, including the fact that we don't choose to be born so we shouldn't be forced to stay alive, as well as the idea that we have a right to do whatever we want to our own bodies, including killing it.

    It may be true that we don't choose to be born into life, but we do choose to be a part of society, and being part of a society carries certain obligations- having a job, paying taxes, obeying the law, etc. Not killing yourself is another one of those obligations. Accidental deaths are already disruptive enough, they take a person out of the workforce, it disrupts the lives of the people close to them, and frankly it costs a lot to deal with the loss of life. When you live in a community, your life doesn't belong to just you, there are others who rely on your life, just as you rely on the lives others. Only a person who isn't a part of a community, a hermit with no relationships or connections to society at all, can truly say that their life belongs to them alone.

    The terminally ill are an exception. They are already going to die, and prolonging their death throes won't accomplish anything.

  • Suicide is never the answer.

    I agree people should have a say in their life, but no one deserves to die even if they believe they need to. But if someone has a horrible disease and is in great pain and they are sane, they should be allowed to make that choice. But if it is no for medical reason then, no.

  • A permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Simply put, if someone is unhappy there are things that can be done to change that reality. If someone is suicidal, than its a fair bet that they are not thinking rationally about the situation. What is needed is intervention, help. What we need is a system that allows people to seek and get help. People still kill themselves, but they have no 'right' to do so. It is a conscience act of irrationality.

  • You don't know what your getting into

    There are ways to solve being miserable, but there's no way to solve death. You don't know that you're going to a better place and for all you know this could be your only shot at life. Are you really going to throw in the towel now when you still have plenty of time left to fix things. Be a man.

  • People have the right to seek help and get help when needed.

    People live a right to a happy, fulfilling life. I have noticed with most of the suicidal people I have met (including myself at one point) that there is always something that drives suicide into their minds. Always. Whether it be your grades or your relationships or maybe your past, there's always something. If someone want to kill themselves, then they have the right to go and seek help. They also have a right to get that help. Suicide is never an option. A high percentage of people that have suicidal thoughts suffer from some kind of mental disorder. Lots of mental disorders can be treated. Once they have been treated for a while, people's suicidal thoughts may decrease and decrease until they learn that there is more to life than what they think. I think, steffon66, that you may be suicidal because you cannot see what purpose there is to life. You cannot find why people were made in the first place. I know exactly how that feels. I'm currently struggling with that question, myself. The fact that you went to all this trouble to set up a debate shows that you truly do not want to die. You want answers and you are desperate for them. Try opening your mind a little wider. There are endless possibilities to what purpose we may serve. Everyone has a right to live. Suicide is never a rational option. Please, if you are feeling suicidal, seek help from a friend, a family member, or another trusted person. If you cannot access those people, please visit this website:
    If you do not wish to call a hotline, please give this website a try. It's guaranteed to make you feel better:

  • I Say Absolutely Not

    Absolutely not. That doesn't mean that I am not for early termination of life due to severe physical or mental illness. However, to end your life just because you are upset, angry, sad, depressed, or any other emotion that is temporary is a pre-termination of life and should not be allowed.

  • Not Happening Ever

    Every person in this world must have felt some sort of internal conflict in their life compelling them to consider suicide. If such a law is made legal, the rates of suicide incidents are going to shoot up and even threaten human populations across the world. Humans are an ambitious race. But every human isn't strong enough to take on the world on their own. They sometimes require help.

  • Yes and no

    Yes they could kill themselves if they wanted to but no they shouldn't do it. Many people care about them and if they take there life away that will make the people that care about them depressed like they once was.Nobody has any right to judge a person by what he/she does if that was to happen then everyone would be judged. If that was true then you should just have 5 stars above your head and see how someone rates you so they don't talk behind your back. NOBODY has the right to judge someone IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM THEN DON'T JUDGE THEM!!!!!!

  • There are people who love you

    I said yes and no so here is my reason for no.
    There are people int his world who love you and will die for you and sacrifice it all. Just for you. So if your feeling down and alone please talk to your family members don't go kill yourself over what some bully said. Your perfect just the way you are. Once you kill yourself theres no going back and fixing this mistake

  • It is not ok for people to kill themselves.

    People are stupid and do stupid things and we should not support them. Killing yourself hurts more people than just you. Think about all of the people around you, and if you do not have anyone then, try to get involved with other people. No one actually thinks that killing yourself is something good.

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