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  • People can vote for who they want, choose to pay attention and be part of the solution!

    Much is made of how money buys elections. Many people refuse to vote for that reason. But as much as politicians are to blame from accepting bribes from corporate lobbyists we are all to blame for not taking the time to inform ourselves on the issues, listen to different arguments, gather the necessary facts to decide who we believe, and to truly understand who we are voting for. If enough people did that the effect of money in politics would be muted. Money may pay for advertisements and flashy outreach efforts, but if enough people cared and enough people bothered to educate themselves the money wouldn't make a difference. In fact if people were more educated they would know who is getting money from whom and how much and so receiving corporate bribes would count against the candidates if only enough people paid attention.

    You don't have to listen to money. You don't have to let them buy your vote. Pay attention and educate yourself, learn who the donors are, learn the candidates' stances and their records, take a skeptical attitude towards claims made in campaign advertisements, and study the issues, the arguments, and the evidence.

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