Do people here try to force their opinions down other people's throats?

  • Yes yes yes

    All the people who say "no," are only offended because they are the ones who do it. The fact that this site exists just proves that the world tries to shove opinions down other people's throats. However, I do not have anything against this site. I quite like it actually.

  • Umm, I don't know, the school system.

    I must say that the public school system is trying to turn our generation into a bunch of liberals. I fortunately am well educated and see past this, however my fellow class mates do not. Cramming things like Darwinism, creationism, and other unproven theories.
    School is about educating us so we can develop our own opinions, but instead they are teaching us what they want us to know, and forcing opinions upon us.

  • Live your life

    Unless you are asking me for my advice...I will not offer it to you...If they ASK for any advice I always end it with something like "I can tell you a dozen things that might work for me or someone else...And I don't ever want to be part of the reason something DIDN'T work out for you...If they INSIST on advice I give them a few different ideas and than say...But again you have to do what you "FEEL" is right otherwise you'll always have regrets...And NOTHING worse than regrets"

  • Yes they do

    Look through the responses and count how many times you see the word "think".
    Nobody cares what you think. People think too much. How about some facts? That'd be nice. IF YOU SEE THIS IN CLASS HI MR.PAYTON. Everybody think, think, thinks. But nobody gets facts. You could argue just about anything and win if you have some CONCRETE facts.

  • At Least Some People Try To Force Their Opinions Down Other People's Throats

    There certainly are SOME people here who try to force their opinions on the rest of us, particularly with regard to certain topics.

    This site seems to mirror society at large in the sense that many people seem to think it is "okay" to express your opinion AS LONG AS it is politically correct and/or held by a majority of other people.

    If you dare to express a minority viewpoint which isn't considered PC, look out. Not only will much of society act as if you have no right to your opinion, but so will people on here.

    In addition, some of them will insist that you "face the consequences" for daring to disagree with the majority or PC opinion.

    Some will even go so far as to personally dole out those "consequences" onto you themselves. They do this because they are either ignorant of the fact that it is a fallacy of argument to attack a person rather than their position, or because they are too STUPID to separate a person's opinion from the person themselves.

    Either way what they do amounts to bullying to coerce others into agreeing with the majority or PC opinion, and it's wrong, but it's done here the same as in society at large.

  • Don't be so sensitive

    People come here to voice their opinions about issues that matter to them. It is important that people present their views if they feel strongly about it. It is also important that people accept other people's views as merely an opinion - don't take it personal if someone out debates you.

  • Depends how you see it.

    Expect your views to be challenged. There are certain categories and sections to DDO that will not contain much if any arguing. If you want to argue about a particular subject, just go to the forums or start a debate and argue. (Though maybe you will want to start in the forums, as to test if your point is good or not.)

    So do people shove there views down your throats? Well no, but we are all very argumentative. Not to say we're not nice people.

  • No people don't.

    I think people give opinions because they feel they are honestly trying to help out. Whether it's on a blog, or in person there's nothing wrong with giving out your opinion. It's the other person or people at the end who have to decide whether to take in or leave your opinion. I have never met anyone who has forced anything up me. I just listen in, then take it or leave. It's called free speech, we all have our right but you have to be nice about it. People care when they give opinions, if they don't say something about something this makes them look like they could care less about anything but themselves. I think this is a great debate site for people with all interests and a way for people to express themselves by just being an honest person. A persons opinion is also great ways to improve things if you have a grand ideas.

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Yoshi says2014-01-08T13:27:41.407
You should of defined what is mean't by "here"
DudeStop says2014-01-08T17:47:48.953
Okay, just DDO or America?
MadeinAmerica1999 says2014-01-08T18:00:02.640