Do people in the United States still discriminate based on race?

  • Yes, though it is undercover.

    Discrimination still exists in the United States with regard to race. All that has happened is that it has gone underground. It may be considered wise to have a person of color on one's staff or in one's life for instance, but there are still lots of places where they are ignored or put down.

  • It still exist.

    The United States has made huge leaps in the race conversation. However, we still discriminate on race. If people see a group of black men walking toward them at night, they cringe more than if it is a white group of men. It's no longer as outspoken as it use to be but it is still there.

  • People in the United States still discriminate based on race.

    It is clear that there is still racism in the United States. The Tea Party movement is largely seen as a racist response to the election of President Obama. People of color are continually discriminated against in the work place and they often receive less pay for the same work.

  • U.S. Citizens Still Discriminate People By Their Race

    I strongly believe there is still discrimination based on race in the United States today. Many people judge, call names, or stereotype other people that are a different color or race. I also believe it is wrong because we should all be treated the same way. You should treat others the way you wanted to be treated. Someone should get a job or shouldn't get a job because of their color, but because of their education. America should not have this problem any more, but it still happens a lot. Therefore, we need to make a change so there is no more discrimination based on someones race.

  • Subtly more often than not

    Racial discrimination is very much alive in the United States whether people want to accept this fact or not, and much of it is done very subtly and not maliciously, without the person realizing it. Thanks to our upbringings and the attitudes of society, we are conditioned to have certain perceptions of people of different races, and this in itself is an act of racism. This is a discussion America needs to have to work past, but we're too afraid to bring it up.

  • Yes they do.

    Even though it is not as common as it once was people do still discriminate based on race in the US. It is not just one race that gets dicriminated against either it is all races from all different sides. It is something that should be taken seriously to put an end to.

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